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002A: Updating a User Profile

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to update information on a user profile in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Profile Settings Link

Select the “Profile” drop-down arrow next to the Profile icon and then select the “Profile Settings” link. Note: If you are a FTA, follow Step 1b.


Step 1b: Locate the Traveler

If you are updating a user profile on someone else’s behalf, follow the Steps from 013: Job Aid - Locating a Traveler to locate the Traveler for whom you want to update their profile.


Select Personal Information

Select either of the following “Personal Information” links or tab to update the user profile information.


Verify Traveler’s Name

Most of the information in the profile, except where noted, can be entered by either the Traveler or the Federal Travel Arranger (FTA).

Verify the Traveler’s name matches their driver’s license or Passport. If a name change or correction is needed, please contact your Lead FATA (Federal Agency Travel Administrator) for the process per your Operating Division (Op/Div). A nickname can be added if applicable.


Verify the Expense Information

Verify the “Expense Information” section. Be sure that the Traveler has been assigned the correct Organization (“Org”), “Routing List,” and “Cardholder Code,” i.e. Card Holder, Advance Authorized, etc. Contact your FATA if any of these are incorrect.
Note: For Invitational Traveler’s a host name is needed.


Verify Entitlement Rules

Continuing in the “Expense Information” section, verify that the “Entitlement Rules” field and the “Default Entitlement Rule” field reflect the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) for the Traveler. If this is incorrect, contact your FATA.

Note: HHS Commissioned Corp employees will operate under the same regulations as civilian employees. He/she will need to refer to their FATA for any exceptions.


Verify the Agency Information

Verify the “Agency Information” section. The “Employee ID” field should contain the Traveler’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) number. For Travelers who do not have a PIV number, such as Invitational Travelers, the “Employee ID” field will contain the Traveler’s phone number. If this is incorrect, contact your FATA.


Verify the Duty Station Address

The “Duty Station Address” section can be edited if the address is incorrect. Search for the duty station address by entering the agency or city in the “Search for agency locations” field and select the “Address same as assigned location” check box. If the location is not found contact your FATA.


Verify the Home Address

Verify the “Home Address” section. If incorrect, update the address by entering the correct address in the “Street,” “City,” “State,” “Postal Code,” and “Country” fields.


Verify that the Contact Information

All information in the “Contact Information” section can be edited. Required fields must be updated with correct information. It is also highly recommended that a mobile number is provided.

The Traveler’s HHS email should appear as “Email 1.” Other email addresses can be used if the Traveler would like to receive the itinerary or any ConcurGov generated emails in additional inboxes.

Note: An Arranger can also add their email to receive the emails sent to the Traveler.


Verify Emergency Contact

It is highly recommended to update “Emergency Contact” information. Update as needed. If the address is not the same as the Traveler’s, uncheck the “Address same as employee” checkbox and update the address.


Complete the Travel Preferences

Complete the “Travel Preferences” section. The Air, Hotel, and Car Rental Preferences are visible to the vendors and will not affect the search results when booking travel. Entering an airport in the “Preferred Departure Airport” field will prepopulate this field when booking travel. This will save time; however, it will not affect the search results if there are multiple airports near the Traveler’s duty station.


Add Frequent Traveler Programs

Continue with the Travel Preferences by adding the Traveler’s “Frequent Traveler Programs.” Select the “Add a Program” link and fill in the required information.

Note: Confirm that the name on the Frequent Traveler Program matches the name of the Traveler exactly, to prevent potential rejections during the booking process.


Verify the TSA Secure Flight

Verify the “TSA Secure Flight” information. This includes the Traveler’s “Gender,” “Date of Birth,” “DHS Redress No.,” and “TSA Pre-check” number if available. The date of birth is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and will be encrypted once saved. Enter the Traveler’s passport information or check the box next to “I do not have a passport.”

Note: For transgender Travelers, the gender on the profile must match the gender listed on the identification that they will present to a TSA agent at airport security.


Add Credit Card

Verify that a government-issued Travel Charge Card/IBA or personal credit card appears in the “Credit Cards” section. A card is required for ConcurGov and the Travel Management Center (TMC) to reserve a hotel for the Traveler. To add a card, if one is not already there; select the “Add a Credit Card” link.

Enter the name of the card in the “Display Name” field as you would like it to appear in ConcurGov, i.e., Travel Charge Card or IBA. Then enter the name as it appears on the card, card type, number, and expiration date. Always select the checkbox next to “Hotel Reservations” in the “Use this card as the default card for:” section. This will allow the hotel vendor to see the card number to reserve the hotel room. Complete the process by entering the billing address and selecting the “Save” button.

Note: For Travelers who do not wish to have their card number permanently on their profile, they may choose to add their card number prior to creating a travel reservation and then delete the card after their travel is complete and the Voucher has been processed. It takes 24 hours for the TMC to see the added or deleted credit card in their profile so you cannot update, add or delete this information the same day you are making the hotel reservations

Step14a Step14b


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