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037FATA: Reviewing and Approving a Travel Document, Summary View Process

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to reviewing and approving an Authorization or Voucher from a summary review page. This process allows you to stamp the document without making an adjustment to the document.

Audience: Federal Financial Travel Approvers and Routing Officials


Instructions: After you login...



Select Approvals Tab

From the home page of ConcurGov, select the “Approvals” tab.


Identify Document

Identify the travel document you would like to review. Select “Review Document” from the pop-up window.

Note: You must review or preview a document before stamping it. Once the document has been reviewed, “Yes” will appear under “Viewed.”


Review Document

“Document Information” allows you to see travel purpose, location, dates, per diem rates and an estimated cost of the trip.

“Reservations” allows you to see hotel, air and car reservations that have been made for this trip. You can also view the PNR status and Reservation History.


“Expenses” shows all expenses that have been applied to this document such as fees and per diem rates for Lodging and M&IE.


“Receipts” and “Per Diem Allowances” shows the per diem rate based on temporary duty location (TDY) and length of trip and any receipts that have been attached. Receipts can be viewed by clicking “View Receipts.”


“Accounting Allocations” will display the Line of Accounting (LOA) that will be used to fund the trip. “Advances” will display any advances that have been requested for this trip.


Pre-Audit and Stamp

Once you have viewed the document, “Yes” will appear under “Viewed.” Select the radio button next to the document you would like to stamp. Click “Pre-Audit & Stamp Selected Document(s).”


View Audit Results

Check for Fails under “Audit Status.” Review Justifications under “Audit Comments.” Select “Continue Stamping Document(s)” when finished.

Note: A HARDFAIL requires an adjustment to the document before you may proceed.

Step05a Step05b

Stamp Document

The “Status to Apply” field indicates that the next stamp to apply to the document is the one that appears in the “Awaiting Status” column. Click “Stamp Documents.”

Note: If the document needs to be returned to the Traveler or Preparer, select “Return-to” and a “Reason” from drop-down menu.

Step06a Step06b

Document Stamping Log

Click the “Close Stamping Log Screen” to finalize the process.