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036FATA: Reviewing and Approving a Travel Document, Full View Process

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to reviewing and approving an Authorization or Voucher by opening the document and creating an Adjustment. This process allows you to edit the document as needed.

Audience: Approving and Routing Officials


Instructions: After you login...



Select Approvals Tab

From the home page of ConcurGov, select the “Approvals” tab to view all documents awaiting your approval.

Note: Approvers should ONLY approve documents in their queue – approving out of sequence will cause MAJOR errors.


Identify Document

Identify the travel document that needs to be approved by either the “Document Name” or the “Control Number/TANUM.”

The “Ticket By” indicates the last day to approve an Authorization in order to avoid an auto-cancel. The “Awaiting Status” column displays the next stamp to be applied to the document. Select the “Document.”


Step 3a: Open Document

In the “Actions for…” pop-up window, select View/Change Reservation to check for any policy violations.


Step 3b: Check for Policy Violations

The “History/Notes” section indicates whether any policies were violated when booking travel. If a policy was violated, you may scroll further down on this page to see the options that are within policy that were presented to the user and not chosen. After reviewing, select the “Close” button.


Open the Document

Select the document name again and select the “Adjust Document” link from the “Actions for…” pop-up to open the document.


Select Latest Version

If necessary, select the latest version of the document to open by selecting the “Document Name.”


Edit Document

Select the “Edit Document” button to begin the approval process.

Note: Opening the document in view-only will not allow you to apply the stamp directly to the document.


Summary Page

The “Summary” page displays the “Document Details” field, which provides a description of the trip. You can scroll down on this page to see all the details of the trip, or you can select each tab at the top.


Review Expenses

Select the “Expenses & Receipts” tab to review all expenses for accuracy and necessity. Select the scroll bar to review all expenses and to review the receipts section of the document.


Review Receipts

The “Receipts” section at the bottom of the “Expenses & Receipts” tab contains documentation attached to the travel document. Select the “View Receipts” link to view any attachment.


Review Accounting Information

Select the “Accounting” tab to see the Line of Accounting (LOA) for this trip. If you need to change the LOA, see 023A: Job Aid - Changing an Account Code.

Note: Per the 2012 HHS Travel Policy Manual, it is the responsibility of the Certifier to verify that the correct accounting information has been applied to the document and funds are available for the trip.


Review the Total Cost

Select the “Totals” tab to see the total cost of the trip and any request(s) made for an advance. Scroll down on the “Totals” page to see the total cost of each expense category.


Check for Pre-Audits

Select the “Perform Pre-Audits” tab to see if any items have failed and if sufficient justifications have been applied where necessary.


Stamp Document

Select the “Confirmation” tab to stamp the document. Choose the “APPROVED” stamp if the document is in order. Then select “Stamp and Submit Document.”

Note: You may return the document to the Traveler or Preparer if changes need to be made by selecting the “RETURNED” stamp from the drop-down. This will require a reason to be chosen from the “Reason” drop-down. Then select the “Stamp and Submit Document” button.


Continue Stamping the Document

ConcurGov will return you to the “Pre-Audit” page to verify the pre-audits again. Select the “Continue Stamping the Document” button.


Close Document

Select the “Close Post Stamping Document Closure Screen” button to complete the approval process.

Note: This screen will only appear if there are more steps in the routing process.