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003R: Concur Redwood Release — Features Overview

Purpose: To provide details on the enhanced functionality available as part of the ConcurGov Redwood release.

Audience: ConcurGov Routing Officials


Instructions: After you login...



New Approvals Features

Approvers can access the new approval workflow by navigating to their approval list in one of three ways:

1) By clicking on "Approvals" in the site header.


2) By Selecting "Approve Documents" from the "Shortcuts" menu on the Home page.


3) By selecting the "View Approval" link from a document's action page.


New Review and Approve Document Features

Once in the approval list, click the "Document" name to view the available actions. The first action on the list, "Review and Approve", launches the new approval workflow. Alternatively, you can approve the document the old way by selecting "View Summary" and following the old steps.

Step 02

New Review Document Page

The new Review Document page provides the information an approver needs to make an approval decision, including travel policy and audit alerts. The Document Name and TANUM displays at the top of the page throughout the workflow to easily identify the document. Badges will indicate whether a document is an Interim Voucher, Final Voucher, and/or an Amendment.

Step 03

Call-To-Action Buttons

A large call-to-action button on each page leads the approver through the workflow. The user also has the option to Cancel the approval, or navigate to a previous step. These alternate actions are displayed as a link.

Clicking "Next" will bring you to the Apply Status page.

Step 04a

Clicking on "Apply Status" will begin the stamping process. The status that is applied is the next status in the document's workflow, attributed to the approver.

Step 04b_1

Authorization Overview

The Authorization Overview focuses primarily on pre-trip information and includes the ticket by date, estimated cost and details on cash advances.

Step 05_1

Voucher Overview

The Voucher Overview focuses primarily on post-trip information and includes a link to the Authorization, total costs and any applied advances. Clicking on the "Authorization" link displays a pop-up containing the Authorization's Document Summary page.

Step 06a Step 06b

Additional Action Buttons

Action buttons will display depending on the document type, and the approver's permissions. From the Review Document page, the "Adjust Document" button allows the approver to exit the workflow and make adjustments. The "View" button provides access to additional information related to the document.

View/Print Document (PDF)

This generates a PDF version of the document and displays in the PDF viewer to print.

Step 07a

Previous Version Comparison

This option is available when reviewing an amendment, displays the amendment comparison in a popup.

Step 07b


This option is available when reservations exist on the document. The "Itinerary" tab will appear in the travel information pop-up.

Step 07c

Trip Notes

This option is available when trip notes exist for the document. The "Trip Notes" tab will appear in the travel information pop-up.

Step 07d

Auditing and Compliance Panel

Audit test results and travel policy violations will display in a single panel and are prioritized by severity. Descriptions, justifications and comments regarding the results will also display. The number of errors, warnings and passes will display in the top right corner.


This includes all audit test failures and significant travel policy violations.


This includes all audit test warnings and lesser travel policy violations.


This includes all audit tests that have passed.

Step 08a Step 08b

Travel Information – Reservations Options Turned Down

To display the travel options that were available but not chosen at the time of booking, click on "Reservation options turned down."

Step 09a

Choose the links at the top of the page to view specific options (Air, Car, Hotel).

Step 09b

Information about the options selected and turned down may contribute to an approver's decision to accept a policy violation.


Travel Information – Itinerary and Trip Notes

The itinerary tab provides context and a time-table for the trip which may contribute to an approver's decision.

Step 10a

The Trip Notes tab offers information that may not be available in the itinerary, such as modifications made by agents.

Step 10b

Multiple Reservations in a Document

When a document contains multiple reservations, the "Trip/Reservation" drop-down field will display. Click on the appropriate reservation to view. The trip can easily be identified by the trip name, PNR and/or reservation segment(s).

Step 11

Canceled Reservations

If a reservation is canceled on a document, the travel information pop-up will not display the Reservations Options Turned Down or Itinerary tabs. Information about the cancelation can be found under the "Trip Notes" tab.

Step 12

Document Summary Panels

The Document Summary page is expanded by default. Clicking on "Collapse all" will allow you to collapse all of the panels and then selectively expand sections you would like to view.

Step 13a

The Document Status and History section now displays only one line per status. The columns in the Document History section have been reordered to present the Reason followed by the Comments. The Document Adjustments section now displays the date and time and Remarks have been changed to Comments.

Step 13b

Document Locking

The document will be locked when the Review Document page is launched. The document will remain locked while the approver examines the information and makes an approval decision. Actions that take the approver away from the approval process will unlock the document, making it available for others to access.

Step 14

New Apply Status Page

By default, it is assumed the document will be approved. If the Status of the document needs to be changed, click on "Change."

Step 15

Choose a "Status To Apply" from the drop-down menu. Enter in comments if applicable and click "Apply Status" to complete the Approval. The document workflow displays at the bottom of the page.

Step 15b

Workflow Panel

The Workflow panel clearly indicates the past, present, and future steps for the document.

Step 16a

If there are more than two approvers, they can be viewed by clicking the "+1more." A pop-up will display the names of the additional approvers.

Step 16b

Additional Fields – Returning a Document

If the approver needs to change the status, they can do so by selecting an option from the "Status To Apply" drop-down menu.

Step 17

Additional Fields – Providing a Reason

When an approver needs to cancel or return a document, a reason must be provided. The "Reason" field will display when the selected status has one or more cancel or return actions.

Step 18


If the approval is unsuccessful, an error message indicating what has failed will display at the top of the page.

Step 19

Routing Confirmation

When the document has been approved successfully, a Routing Confirmation page will display. For convenience and reference, the Workflow is displayed indicating that the applied status is complete.

Step 20

Additional Enhancements – Viewing Documents

To view a summary of the document, locate the document name and select "View Summary" from the pop-up menu. This action was changed from Review Document to View Summary.

Step 21a

Clicking on the "View/Print Document (PDF)", formerly Preview Document, will allow you to print as needed.

Step 21b