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064: Premium Class Travel Reporting

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide for running and submitted a Premium Class Travel Support to PSC.

Audience: Lead Federal Agency Travel Administrators (FATAs)


Instructions: After you login...




From the home page of ConcurGov, select the “Reports” tab, then “Intelligence.”

Step 01

Navigate to the Reports Folder

The PCT Reports can be found using the following path: Public Folders > Standard Reports > Regulatory folder.

Step 02

Run Report

Select one of the three Premium Class Travel reports:

  1. Trips with Premium Class Air Segments
  2. Trips with Premium Class Air Segments - Ticket Summary
  3. Trips with Premium Class Rail Segments

Select the arrow in the “Actions” column to initiate the report.

Step 03

Required Prompts

Enter the “Trip Departure Date Range” by selecting a “Custom Date Range” or using the “Current Fiscal Year-to-Date” option. Select either “Exclude the Premium Segment with UP Fares” or “Include All Premium Trips” depending on the data you would like generated.

Step 04

Optional Prompts: Organization Search & Select (OS&S)

In the OS&S section, you can enter a keyword to search for the results you would like to use. Select “Search” after you have entered the keyword.

In the “Results” column, select which results you would like to insert by highlighting the item and selecting “Insert.” All results can be selected at once by using the “Select all” link.

Step 05

Run Report

Select the “Finish” button to generate the report.

Step 06

Convert Report Output to Excel

Select the down arrow next to the “html” icon to begin the output conversion process.

Step 07a

From the drop-down menu, select “View in Excel Options”. Then select “View in Excel 2007 Format”. The file will then download to your computer in Excel format for easy of viewing. Be sure to save the file in a local file on your computer.

Step 07b

View Report

The report data must be prepared before it is added to the Premium Class Travel Report (PCTR) Template.

Step 08a
Step 08b

PCTR Guidance

PCTR guidence is available at GSA website at

Step 09a
  • Reporting is at ticket level. Any ticket that has at least one leg (aka segment) in other than coach class is considered a premium class ticket
  • The following data elements are required to be reported
    • Agency Trip ID
    • Traveler First Name
    • Traveler Middle Initial
    • Traveler Last Name
    • Origin
    • Destination
    • Travel Date
    • Exception Code
    • Purpose Code
    • Premium Fare
    • Coach Fare
  • While the data in Trips with Premium Class Air Segments report is desired to be inclusive of all and only premium class tickets, there may be instances when some coach class tickets are in the report and/or a premium class ticket is excluded
  • Additionally, some of the required data may be missing in the report
    • It is therefore strongly recommended that agencies review the data before finalizing their report for submission to OGP
  • Exception codes may be missing
  • Occasionally Purpose Codes may be missing
  • Coach Fare (comparison fare) may be missing or could be questionable
  • Report includes two different comparison fares
  • Report includes multiple TDY locations
  • Report includes all tickets in a multi-ticket itinerary irrespective of which ticket(s) are premium and which are not. Additionally detailed report does not identify flight segments independently for each ticket in an itinerary
  • Occasionally report may have excluded a premium class ticket that should be on it
  • The report includes additional data (besides what’s required for PCTR) to allow agencies to review the tickets
  • Authorization document could provide missing exception and purpose codes
  • Additionally, traveler can be reached out to ascertain most appropriate exception and/or trip purpose code
  • For coach (comparison) fare, commercial fare can be obtained by doing a matching itinerary search
  • For coach (comparison) fare, CPP YCA fare can be checked at CPP Search Tool on GSA website. It can be found at (Please ensure that you are searching for the correct FY fares)
  • Support tickets must be opened with Concur for missing data and/or validation assistance
  • TMIS report can be requested as an additional resource for premium class tickets data (Note that TMIS report may also have some inaccuracies)
  • Email your requests to
Step 09d

Step 10a: PCTR Template

The data is now ready to input into the PCTR template.

Step 010a1


Step 010a2

Step 10b: PCTR Template Data Entry

The template is an Excel file composed of three worksheets.

  1. The first worksheet provides instructions.
  2. The second worksheet (PCTR) is for compiling the Premium Class Travel data for submission to GSA.
  3. The third worksheet provides reference values for specific fields on the PCTR data sheet.

A description for each column can be seen by hovering over the red arrow in the upper right corner of the column title cell.

Note: To use this template, make a copy of the file and name it in relation to the contents of the file (e.g., DOE_FY2011.xls).

Step 010b

Email PCTR Template

Once completed, the PCTR template will then be emailed to the PSC Lead Account Manager for consolidation for the HHS submission.

Step 011