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051: Manual Payment Workflow

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to granting approval in the rare circumstances when bona fide, validated system functionality errors prevents online processing of travel Vouchers through the E-Government Travel Services (ETS2) travel management application.

Audience: Local Federal Agency Travel Administrators (FATA), Lead FATAs, Senior Travel Officials, Account Managers, and Accountants


Instructions: After you login...



Review the Document

Select the “Approvals” tab from the home page of ConcurGov. Select the “Document Name.”

Step 01

Look for Common Errors

In the “Actions for…” pop up window, select the “View/Change Reservation” link to check for any policy violations. See 039: Job Aid – Reviewing a Travel Reservation for Policy Violation for a step-by-step guide.

Confirm the Voucher cannot be fixed and reprocessed before continuing the manual approval process.

Note: If the issue affecting the Voucher can be fixed and processed via ConcurGov, the Voucher is returned with the instructions: “The Voucher must be processed through ConcurGov.”

Step 02

Consult with Lead FATA

Consult with the Lead FATA to attempt to fix and reprocess the Voucher.


Lead FATA Consults with Account Manager

If it’s a technical issue that cannot be solved through review, discovery and reprocessing within 24 hours, the Account Manager will open an internal work ticket (a “JIRA”) for the Internal Technical team. The JIRA number will be provided to the Lead FATA.

Within 24 hours, the Internal Technical team will triage the Voucher and make a “Pay”/”Don’t Pay” recommendation to the Account Manager.

Within that same 24 hours, the Account Manager will make a recommendation to the Lead FATA to either pay or not pay the Voucher manually.


Step 5a: “Don’t Pay” Recommendation

The “Don’t Pay” recommendation will be made in instances of user error.

Minor document workflow delay that can be immediately resolved through a role-based action.

Step 5b: “Pay” Recommendation

The “Pay” recommendation will be made in instances of technical issues that must be resolved through either technician action at the CTIP, UFMS, or Concur Tier 2 technical support levels; a role-based user cannot resolve the issue. This includes code changes, residual processing effects, system errors, etc.


Lead FATA Prepares Payment Forms

Once the “Pay” recommendation has been made, the Lead FATA prepares the manual payment forms and all required supporting evidence. (e.g., PDF Version of the Voucher and any applicable receipts/documentation)

The manual payment forms must include its corresponding JIRA number.

All forms and supporting documents should be compiled into a single manual payment document using Acrobat’s “Combine Documents” functionality.


Submit for Review and Approval

The manual payment document is then submitted by the Lead FATA to the Senior Travel Official for review and approval. This document must be digitally signed by the Senior Travel Official using the HSPD-12 Personal Identity Verification card. The Senior Travel Official submits the approved manual payment document to the Account Manager.