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046FATA: Granting Approval Override

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to granting approval override to a User so that they may stamp documents in place of an Arranger or Routing Official when needed.

Audience: Federal Agency Travel Administrator 7 (FATA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Administration Tab

Select the “Administration” drop-down menu from the home page of ConcurGov. Select the “TAVS Admin” (Travel Authorization and Voucher System) link.

Step 01

Select User Signatures

From the “DPA” (Document Preparation Administration) tab, select the “Security” link and then select the “User Signatures” link.

Step 02

Search for User

In the “Search Criteria” section, enter the Organization in the “Organization” field (or search for the Org by selecting the magnifying glass button)

Next enter either or both:

  • The User’s name in the “Signature Name” field
  • The TID (Traveler ID) of the User from whom you want to delegate authority to another User in the “TID” field.

Select the “Search” button to narrow the search results in the “Signatures List” section.

Step 03

Select User

In the “Search Results” list notice the current status in the “Appr Override” column is “NO” for the User. Select the edit icon to the left of the User’s name to update their status.

Step 04

Select Approval Override

Select the “Approval Override” checkbox, then select the “Save” button to complete.

Step 05

Verify Status

Verify the status in the “Appr Override” column now reflects “YES.”

Step 06