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004R: Enabling Approval

Purpose:To provide details on the new approval process in ConcurGov.

Audience: ConcurGov Routing Officials


Instructions: After you login...




Approvers can access the new approval workflow by navigating to their approval list in one of three ways:

1) By clicking on "Approvals" in the site header.


2) By Selecting "Approve Documents" from the "Shortcuts" menu on the Home page.


3) By selecting the "View Approval" link from a document's action page.


Select Document

Once in the Document List, click the "Document" name to view the available actions. The first action on the list, "Review and Approve", launches the new approval workflow.


Review Document

The new Review Document page provides the information an approver needs to make an approval decision, including travel policy and audit alerts. By default, the audit tests that pass are hidden. Click on "Show all results" to view all tests. After reviewing the document and forming an approval decision, click "Next" to proceed to the Apply Status page.


Apply Status

By default, the system will display whatever status is next in the routing; all users that utilize the Approval workflow are not necessarily approvers (i.e. Reviewers, Recommend, Certifiers, etc.). If the status of the document needs to be changed, click on "Change" and choose a "Status To Apply" from the drop-down menu. Enter in comments if applicable and click "Apply Status" to complete the stamping process.

Step04a Step04b

Routing Confirmation

You will be directed to the "Routing Confirmation" page when the new status has been successfully applied. If you need to review and/or stamp additional documents, click on the "Return to Approval List" link in the upper right hand corner.