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041: Editing an Audit Test

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to editing an Audit Test in ConcurGov. An Audit Test will flag designated items on the Pre-Audit page of ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Agency Travel Administration 7 (FATA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Administration Tab

Select the “Administration” tab from the home page of ConcurGov.

Step 01

Select TAVS Admin

Select the “TAVS Admin” (Travel Authorization and Voucher System) link.

Step 02

Select EPA

Select the “EPA” tab.

Step 03

Select Routing Tests

From the “EPA” tab, select “Routing Tests”.

Step 04

Search for Audit Test

The “Audit Tests List” section displays all of the tests for your Organization. To narrow the search, enter the “Organization” (i.e., HHSF), “Document Type” (i.e., Auth or Vch), all or part of the “Process” Name, and then select “Search.”

Step 05

Select Audit Test

Select the edit icon to the left of the test that you want to update.

Step 06

7a: Update Audit Test

Update any or all of the following fields in the Routing Test Details:

  • Parameters: Adds another layer to the test. The test will only take place if the parameters are met.
  • Description: A brief description of the test that appears only on this page.
  • Levels: The permission level of the users required to run this audit. Leave it set to zero for all users.
  • Response: Type of pre-audit fail and where it displays-
    • Screen: displays on appropriate screen within ConcurGov, i.e. Accounting
    • Report: shows only on reports
    • Fail: displays as a HARDFAIL on the pre-audit page
  • Comments: The actual red line item that will appear on the pre-audit page of ConcurGov.
Step 07a

7b: Update Audit Test

In the “Document Types” section, select the type of document to which this audit test will be applied.

In the “Modules” section, check all three boxes:

  • Electronic Processing- shows on Reports
  • Route and Review- displays during routing process
  • Document Preparation- displays during the creating of the document

In the “Status Stamps” section, leave it set to “(ALL)” so that the audit test is run regardless of which stamp is used.

When finished, select the “Save” button.

Step 07b