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043: Editing an Advance

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to editing an advance that will exceed the authorized amount on an Authorization in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Agency Travel Administrator 7 (FATA)


Instructions: After you login...



Locate Traveler

To locate the Traveler, select the “Profile” drop-down menu. Select the corresponding radio button and choose from the drop-down list or type in the last name of the Traveler. Once the Traveler is selected, select “Start Session” to continue.

Note: see 013: ConcurGov Job Aid - Locating a Traveler for a step-by-step guide.

Step 01

Select Authorization Tab

Select the “Authorizations” tab to view the list of Authorizations for the Traveler.

Step 02

Locate Document

Locate the Traveler’s document from the list of Authorizations. Select the document name from the “Name” column.

Step 03

Open Document

Select the “Open Document” link from the Actions pop-up window.

Step 04

Edit Document

Select the “Edit Document” button to finish opening the document.

Step 05

Select Totals Tab

Select the “Totals” tab to see the allowable amount of the advance for this trip.

Step 06

Verify Advance

The “Totals” tab displays both the “Advance Requested” amount and the maximum authorized amount. The requested amount will never exceed the authorized amount. A FATA 7 can override the maximum amount allowed up to 100% of the funds.

Step 07

Select Advances Tab

Select the “Advances” tab to see the requested advance.

Step 08

Select Edit

Select the edit icon next to the requested advance.

Step 09

Edit Advance

Enter the new amount of the requested advance in the “Amount” field. Select the “Save” button to complete.

Step 10

Verify Advance

Notice the new amount for the requested advance in the “Amount” column.

Step 11

Stamp Document

From the “Confirmation” tab, choose the “Status to Apply” stamp per your Operating Division/ Staff Division (OpDiv/StaffDiv) business process. Then select the “Stamp and Submit Document” button.

Step 12

Continue Stamping Document

Select the “Continue Stamping the Document” button.

Step 13

Complete Stamping

Select the “Accept Signature Text” button to complete.

Step 14