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044FATA: Delegating and Revoking Authority from one User to Another

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to delegating a User’s authority in ConcurGov, thereby allowing another user to stamp a document in a routing list on their behalf. This also demonstrates how to revoke that authority.

Audience: Federal Agency Travel Administration 7 (FATA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Administration Tab

Select the “Administration” tab from the home page of ConcurGov.

Step 01

Select TAVS Admin

Select the “TAVS Admin” (Travel Authorization and Voucher System) link.

Step 02

Select User Signatures

From the “DPA” (Document Preparation Administration) tab, select the “Security” link and then select the “User Signatures” link.

Step 03

Search for Delegate

Search for the User to whom you want to delegate the previous User’s authority by selecting the name in the Search Results list. You can narrow your search by entering an “Organization” and “User” in the search criteria fields and selecting the “Search” button.

Note: Be sure to check the user roles of this User before delegating authority. This can be found in the profile under “User Administration.”

Step 04

Complete Delegation

Select the “Save Authority Delegation” button to complete.

Note: To delegate documents that are already in the delegator’s queue, select the check box next to “Delegate Authority for all Documents Currently Waiting for Delegator.”

Step 05

Verify Delegation

The name of the delegate should now appear in the “Delegate Name” column on the right.

Step 06

Revoke Authority

To revoke authority, search for User (Steps 4 & 5) and select the “Revoke Signature Authority” button. Select “OK” when prompted.

Step 07