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015A: Creating an Authorization without a Travel Reservation

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to creating an Authorization that does not contain a Travel Reservation in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Authorization Tab

Select the “Authorization” tab from the ConcurGov Home page, then select the “New Authorization” sub-tab.

Step 01

Select Document Type

From the “Document Type” drop-down menu, choose “Auth,” then select the “Next” button.

Step 02

Enter Document Information

From the “General Information” page, enter the trip “Type Code,” “Trip Purpose,” and “Document Detail” (per your Operating Division/Staff Division (OpDiv/StaffDiv) guidelines).

Step 03

Enter Trip Information

Select the “Trip Information” tab and enter an “Arrival Date,” “Departure Date,” and “Itinerary Location,” for this trip.

Step 04_1

Select the “Add” button to select the “Itinerary Location.” After you have entered the “From” and “To” dates for the location, the rates for the location will be displayed detailing the lodging and M&IE rates. Select “Save and Add Another” or “Save and Close” if you have no additional locations.

Step 04_2

Add Document Attachments

Select the “Summary” tab.

Scroll down to “Document Attachments” and click on the “Upload Document Attachments” icon.

Step 05_1

Select the file you would like to upload from your computer. You may upload up to 10 attachments. You can also add an attachment using drag and drop. Locate the file on your computer and drag and drop it under “Document Attachments.”

Note: The file must be in TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPG or GIF format and must not exceed 5MB.

All images will appear as tiles under the “Document Attachments” section. Click on the magnifying glass icon to view the image.

Step 05_2

Click “Save Changes” when finished.

Step 05_3

Expenses & Receipts Tab

Select the “Expenses & Receipts” tab to enter the estimated expenses for this trip.

Step 06

Step 6a: Add Expenses

Select the “Expenses & Receipts” tab and click “Add Expense.”

The “Expense Date” will default to the first date of the trip.

Choose an expense from the “Expense Description” drop-down menu, enter the cost in the “Cost” field and choose a “Payment Method” from the drop-down menu.

Select “Upload Receipt” and choose file from your computer.

Step 06a_1

To view your receipt, click the magnifying glass to launch Lightbox. This is a screen overlay that will allow you to zoom in and out and rotate your image.

Step 06a_2 Step 06a_3

Select “Save” to complete.

Step 6b: Copying Expenses

If there is an expense that will occur more than once, it can be copied by selecting the copy icon in the “Actions” column. A pop-up window will ask you to verify that you wish to copy the expense. Select “OK” to continue copying the expense.

Step 06b_1 Step 06b_2 Step 06b_3

Select Accounting Tab

Select the “Accounting” tab to enter the accounting information for this trip.

Step 07

Add a Line of Accounting (LOA)

Select the “Add New Account Code.”

Step 08

Enter LOA Label and Fiscal Year

Enter a “Label” for this LOA based on your OpDiv/StaffDiv guidelines. The “FY” field reflects the year that the document was created.

Choose the fiscal year of the trip expenses in the “FY” drop-down. Search for a Common Account Number (CAN) by selecting the drop-down arrow. 

Search for the appropriate “CAN” by selecting the Can from the drop-down menu. 

Follow the same process for the Object Class Code (“OCC”). Then select the “Add to Document” button.

Step 09

Perform Pre-Audit Check

Select the “Perform Pre-Audits” tab to verify audit tests.

Step 10

Identify Pre-Audit FAILs

Check for any FAILs on the Pre-Audit List. These require a justification.

Select the “Justify Pre-Audit Results” button to enter the justification.

Note: A HARDFAIL (not shown) requires an adjustment to the document in order to proceed.

Step 11

Enter Justification

Enter a justification, per your OpDiv/StaffDiv guidelines, in the “Justification” box next to the failed pre-audit. Select the “Save Justification” button to continue.

Step 12

Select Confirmation Tab

Select the “Confirmation” tab to sign the document.

Step 13

Sign Authorization

Select the “SIGNED” stamp from the drop-down menu next to “Status to Apply.”

Select the “Stamp and Submit Document” button to continue.

Step 14

Review Pre-Audits

Review the pre-audits to verify that all justifications have been provided.

Select the “Continue Stamping the Document” button to complete.

Step 15

Accept Signature

Select the “Accept Signature Text” button to indicate that you are legally signing this document.

Step 16

Close and Route Authorization

Select the “Close Post Stamping Document Closure Screen” button to close the Authorization and begin the routing process.

Step 17