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019A: Creating an Authorization for Sponsored Travel

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to creating an Authorization for travel that is arranged and funded by a non-government source.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Authorizations Tab

From the Home page of ConcurGov, select the “Authorizations” tab.
Note: The option to select “Sponsored Travel” is available during the travel reservation process.

Step 01

Select New Authorization

Select the “New Authorization” tab to begin creating the document for Sponsored Travel.

Step 02

Document Type

From the “Document Type” drop-down menu, choose “Auth” and then select the “Next” button.  

Step 03

Step 4a: Enter Document Information

In the “Document Information“ section, check the box next to “Sponsored Travel.“ Enter in a name in the “Trip Name“ field. Choose “SPONSORED“ from the “Type Code“ drop-down menu, choose a purpose for the trip from the “Trip Purpose“ drop-down menu, and then add “Document Detail“ (per your Operating Division/Staff Division (OpDiv)/StaffDiv) guidelines.

Step 04a

Step 4b: Add Itinerary Location and Dates

In the Itinerary Locations section, select the “Add” button.

Step 04b_1

In the pop-up window enter the city in the “Itinerary Location“ field.
Input travel dates in the “From“ and “To“ fields.
Select the reason for the trip in the “Location Purpose“ drop-down-menu.

If only one event will be attended for this Authorization, select the “Save and Close“ button. Otherwise select the “Save and Add Another“ button to add another itinerary event.

Step 04b_2

Verify the location and dates and select “Create Document.“

Note: Rates will auto-populate based on your itinerary location.

Step 04b_3

Add Document Attachments

Select the “Expenses & Receipts” tab to attach the letter to the Authorization. Select the “Summary“ tab.

Step 05_1

Scroll down to “Document Attachments“ and click on the “Upload Document Attachments“ icon. Documents can also be dragged and dropped to the web interface.

Select the file you would like to upload from your computer. You may upload up to 10 attachments.

Note: The file must be in TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPG or GIF format and must not exceed 5MB.

Step 05_2

All images will appear as tiles under the “Document Attachments“ section. Click on the magnifying glass icon to view the image.

Step 05_3

Click “Save Changes“ when finished.

Step 05_4

Add Sponsored Expenses

Select the “Expenses & Receipts” tab. Any expenses that have been, or will be, funded by the Sponsor must be added to the Authorization.

The “Expense Date“ will default to the first date of the trip.

Step 06_1

Choose an expense from the “Expense Description” drop-down menu and enter the cost in the “Cost“ field. Choose “SPONSORED IN–KIND“ as the “Payment Method.“ Select “Upload Receipt“ and choose file from your computer.

Step 06_2

To view your receipt, click the magnifying glass to launch Lightbox. This is a screen overlay that will allow you to zoom in and out and rotate your image.

Select “Save“ to complete.

Step 06_3

Lodging Expense

The lodging cost auto-populates based on the per diem of the itinerary location. To update to the actual cost that was provided by the Sponsor, select the edit icon next to the first lodging expense.

Step 07

Step 7a: Edit Lodging Expense

In the Itinerary Locations section, select the “Add” button.

Select the “Copy Per Diem Expense Values and Conditions“ link to make changes to multiple nights of the trip.

Step 07a

Step 7b: Lodging Per Diem Expenses

From the “Copy Through“ drop-down menu, select the final date the expense will be copied through.

Enter the actual cost of the lodging as provided by the Sponsor in the “Cost“ field. If the lodging amount is higher than the per diem, the “Actual Lodging” radio button must be selected.

Select “SPONSORED IN-KIND“ as the “Payment Method.“

Select “Save.“

Note: As a best practice, check each line of the lodging expenses to make sure that the Payment Method was updated for each night. Continue to add any additional expenses that are expected to be incurred for this trip. Be sure to select the correct payment method based on which organization is funding each expense.

Step 07b

Select Accounting Tab

Select the “Accounting“ tab to enter the accounting information.

Step 08

Add a Line of Accounting (LOA)

Select the “Add New Account Code“ button.

Step 09

Add the Sponsor LOA

Enter a “Label“ for this LOA based on your OpDiv/StaffDiv guidelines. This will help you identify the LOA on the document. Select the check box next to the “Sponsored“ field. Select the “FY“ drop-down and add the fiscal year in which the travel will be completed. Select the magnifying glass to search for the “Common Account Number“ (CAN). Select the magnifying glass to search for the “Object Class Code“ (OCC).

Select “Add to Document.“

Step 10

Add Additional LOAs

If the OpDiv/StaffDiv or a second Sponsor is paying for a portion of the trip, select the ”Add New Account Code” button to add the second LOA.

Repeat Step 12 to add additional account(s).

Step 11

Verify LOAs

Notice the two LOAs in the “Account Code Applied to“ section. The expenses have been allocated based on the payment method of each expense.

If changes need to be made to the allocations, refer to 022A: Job Aid - Allocating Expenses Across Multiple Lines of Accounting.

Step 12

Select Sponsor Tab

Select the “Sponsor“ tab to add the Sponsor to the Authorization.

Step 13

Search for Sponsor

Enter all or part of the name of the Sponsor in the “Sponsor Name“ field and select the “Search“ button. Alternatively, choose the radio button next to “Sponsor ID,“ enter the ID number, and select the “Search“ button.

Step 14

Select Sponsor

Use the scroll bar to see the search results. Select the “Sponsor ID“ for the appropriate Sponsor to add to the document.

Step 15

Edit Ethics Checklist

The sponsor will be displayed in the “Sponsors for“ section. An Ethics Checklist must be completed for any trip funded by a non-government source. Select the edit icon to complete the checklist.

Step 16

Complete Ethics Checklist

Fill in the requested information about the Traveler, the Sponsor, and Ethics Questionnaire. Then select the “Save“ button.

Step 17

Confirm Ethics Checklist

Select the “Confirm Checklist“ link to verify that the checklist is accurate.

Note: Although a Travel Arranger can complete the Ethics Checklist, only the Traveler can confirm it. Travel Arrangers skip to Step 24.

Step 18

Step 19a: Confirm Ethics Checklist

Verify that all of the information is true and accurate and then select the “Confirm“ button.

Step 19a

Step 19b: Confirm Ethics Checklist

Select the “Accept“ button to continue.

Step 19b

Select the “Perform Pre-Audits“ tab to verify any audit tests.

Select the "Accept" button to continue.

Step 20


Identify Pre-Audit FAILs

Check for any FAILs on the Pre-Audit List. These require a justification.

Note: A HARDFAIL (not shown) requires an adjustment to the document in order to proceed.

Step 21

Justify Pre-Audit FAIL

If any items fail the pre-audit, select the “Justify Pre-Audit Results“ button and enter a justification. Select “Save Justification.“

Step 22_1 Step 22_2

Select Confirmation Tab

Select the “Confirmation “ tab to sign the document.

Step 23

Sign Document

If you are a Traveler and have already confirmed the Ethics Checklist, select the “SIGNED” stamp from the drop-down list in the “Status to Apply“ field. Select the “Stamp and Submit Document“ button to continue.

A Travel Arranger must choose the “DOCUMENT PREPARED“ or “AUTH PREPARED“ stamp so that the Authorization will be sent to the Traveler for verification and signature. The Traveler will be prompted to confirm the Ethics Checklist upon signing.

Step 24

Review Ethics Checklist

Review the Ethics Checklist and expenses. Select the “Submit to continue signing process” button to continue.

Note: The Arranger can fill out the checklist; however, the Traveler must confirm to continue.

Step 25

Verify Justifications

Verify that a justification has been provided for any FAILs. Select the “Continue Stamping the Document“ button to continue.

Step 26

Accept Signature

Select the “Accept Signature Text“ button to indicate that you are legally signing this document and complete the process.

Step 27