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029A: Creating a Voucher

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to creating a Voucher in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Vouchers Tab

Select the “Vouchers” tab.

Step 01

Select New Voucher

Select the “New Voucher” tab to begin.

Step 02

Select Document Type

Select the drop-down arrow in the “Document Type” field and select “Vch from Auth.” Then select the “Next” button.

Step 03

Select the Authorization

In the “Available Authorizations” section, select the radio button next to the Authorization that is ready to be vouchered then select the “Select” button to continue. This can be identified by the “Document Name,” “TA Number,” or “Travel Start Date.”

Step 04

Create Document

Verify that the “Document Information” and the “Trip Information” contain the correct details and then select “Create Document”.

Step 05

Select Expenses & Receipts Tab

Select the “Expenses & Receipts” tab to enter the actual expenses for this trip.

Step 06

Edit an Expense

To edit an expense, select the edit icon next to the expense.

Update the “Expense Date.” Choose an “Expense Description” from the drop-down menu. Manually enter the “Cost” and choose a “Payment Method” from the drop-down menu.

Step 07

8a: Uploading a Receipt from Expenses & Receipts Tab

Click on “Upload Receipt” under “Edit Expense Details.” Choose the file you would like to upload from your computer.

Step 08a_1

To view your receipt, click the magnifying glass to launch Lightbox. This is a screen overlay that will allow you to zoom in and out and rotate your image.

Step 08a_2 Step 08a_3

To add additional receipts, click on “Upload another receipt.”

Note: You may add up to 10 receipts per expense.

8b: Uploading a Receipt from Summary Tab

Alternatively, you may upload receipts from the “Summary” tab.

Scroll to “Document Attachments” and click the “Upload Document Attachments” icon. Documents can also be dragged and dropped to the web interface.

Each attachment will appear as tiles under “Document Attachments.”

Step 08b_1 Step 08b_2

Deleting an Expense

To delete an expense, select the checkbox in the “Delete” column next to the expense. Then select the “Delete Selected Expenses” button.

Note: For Sponsored Travel, delete all expenses that are considered “In-Kind.”

Step 09

Adding an Expense

To add a new expense, select the “Add Expense” button then enter the “Expense Date”, ”Expense Description“, “Cost”, and “Payment Method.“

Click on “Upload Receipt” to attach an image of the receipt from your computer.

If this is an expense that was incurred on consecutive days, enter the last date of the expense in the “Create Expenses Through” field.

As the Travel Charge Card cannot be used within an employee’s local area, the “Payment Method” for local expenses should always be “PERSONAL.”

Click “Save” when finished.

Step 10_1 Step 10_2

Verify Accounting Information

Select the “Accounting” tab to verify the accounting information. If the accounting information that was entered on the Authorization is no longer correct, contact your Certifier or FATA.

Step 11

Select Totals Tab

To see the total cost of the trip, including the reimbursable amount, select the “Totals” tab.

Step 12

Total Cost of Trip

The “Expense Summary” section displays the “Total Expenses” and the “Total Reimbursable Amount” of the trip.

Step 13

Traveler Reimbursement

Scroll down to the “Reimbursement Summary” to see the amount to be reimbursed to the Traveler.

Step 14

Perform Pre-Audit Check

Select the “Perform Pre-Audits” tab to verify the audit tests.

Step 15

Identify Pre-Audit FAILs

Check for any “FAILs” on the “Pre-Audit Results for…” These require a justification.

Note: A HARDFAIL (not shown) requires an adjustment to the document in order to proceed. See 014: Job Aid - Creating An Authorization from a Travel Reservation to see the process for entering a justification.

Step 16

Select Confirmation Tab

Select the “Confirmation” tab to sign the document.

Step 17

Sign the Voucher

Select the “SIGNED” stamp from the “Status to Apply” drop-down. Select the “Stamp and Submit Document” button to continue.

Note: An Arranger must choose the “VOUCHER PREPARED” stamp in order to route the document to the Traveler for verification and signature. An Arranger cannot sign on behalf of the Traveler.

Step 18

Continue Stamping

Select the “Continue Stamping the Document” button to complete.

Step 19

Complete Signing Process

The system will ask you to approve signing the document electronically. To approve this, select the “Accept Signature Text” button.

Step 20

Close and Route Voucher

Select the “Close Post Stamping Document Closure Screen” button to close the Voucher and begin the routing process.

Notice the “Receipt Checklist” area. This contains a list of the required receipts for the Traveler’s OpDiv/StaffDiv.

Step 21