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0010A: Creating a Travel Reservation

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to booking airfare, rail, hotel, and car rental in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Step 1a: Select Travel Tab

From the ConcurGov Home page, select the “Travel” tab in the upper left hand side of the page. Then select “New Authorization from Travel”

Step01a1 Step01a2

Step 1b: New Booking

Alternatively, from the “Shortcuts” menu, select “New Booking” which takes you to the Travel Tab and the “New Authorization from Travel” radio button.


Select the Type of Reservation & Location

Select the reservation type to begin entering the traveler’s search criteria (Air/Rail, Car, etc.). When searching for Air or Rail, select either the “Round Trip,” “One Way,” or “Multi City” button. Enter the “Temporary Duty Location” (TDY) by selecting the radio button next to either “Agency Location” or “Reference point.”  Enter the TDY and then select the magnifying glass icon.

Note 1:  The “Agency Location” will search for most of the HHS offices in the U.S. A “Reference point” can be the city or address of the Traveler’s mission.

Note 2: In ConcurGov, air and rail cannot be booked on the same reservation. To book both air and rail, contact the Travel Management Center (TMC).


Choose the TDY Location

Verify the location from the drop-down menu and select the “Choose” button.


Select TDY Per Diem Location

Confirm the correct TDY per diem location which is pre-populated.


Enter Air Search Criteria

Enter the departure airport in the “From” field. The arrival airport will default to an airport based on the TDY but can be changed by selecting the “To” field. Enter the outbound and return dates. Adjust the search times as needed.


Enter Car & Hotel Search Criteria

If the traveler requires a rental car select the check box next to “Pick-up/Drop-off car at airport.”

To search for a hotel, select the check box next to “Find a Hotel” and choose the hotel search criteria. The traveler can search for a hotel near an airport, a specific address, the agency location or a reference point/zip code.


Select Search

Select the drop-down arrow to choose the class of service. Select “Price” or “Schedule” from the “Search by” drop-down menu, depending on the preferred search method, and then select the “Search” button.


Step 8a: Select Flights

The airfare search results page shows a list of matching flights and fares. Select the “Shop by Fares” tab or the “Shop by Schedule” tab depending on the traveler’s search preference. Government contracted rates are indicated by the “Govt. Contract” text. Use the “All” button to see all the available flights on one page. Select the “Show all details” button to see the details of a flight.


Step 8b: Shop by Fares Tab

The “Shop by Fares” tab displays full itinerary choices. The entire routing (outbound and return flights) are selected at the same time.


Step 8c: Shop by Schedule Tab

The “Shop by Schedule” tab allows the flexibility to select the initial outbound flight and return flight pricing separately.


Select Fare

From the “Show all details” window, select the blue flight fare button below the airfare and flight that the traveler would like to reserve.

“Gov’t. Contract Discounted” fares should be chosen whenever available. This is indicated by the green checkmark next to the fare rate button. This is also displayed in the “Fare Details” column. This should be the first choice. Select the appropriate blue fare button to choose the desired fare.

Note: A yellow caution icon listed as a “Lesser policy violation” indicates a contract fare that is not the lowest rate. A yellow caution icon listed as a “Significant policy violation” indicates a fare that is not a contracted fare. Choosing either of these fares will result in a Travel Policy Violation window which requires a justification for choosing that fare.

Step09a Step09b

Review & Reserve Flight

Scroll down on the “Review and Reserve Flight” screen to see all the details of the flight. If applicable, you can enter the traveler’s Frequent Flyer number by selecting “Add a Program” in the “ENTER TRAVELER INFORMATION” section if it is not already included in the profile. The “Select Seats” option is available for personnel who wish to select their seats.

In the “SELECT A METHOD OF PAYMENT” section, choose the appropriate payment method for the Operating Division/Staff Division (OpDiv/StaffDiv). Then select the “Reserve Flight and Continue” button.


Select Car Rental

The car rental search results page will display a matrix listing the available rental cars and rates matching the search criteria. Under the matrix, each car is detailed for each rental company listed.The “Government Rate” listed under the car detail information indicates if the car is a government contracted rate and should be the first choice. If “Public Rate” is listed instead, this indicates a non-government rate or non-preferred car size which requires a justification.

Select the appropriate blue price button to choose the desired rental car.


Review & Reserve Car

Review the car rental details and scroll down to select the “Reserve Car and Continue” button.


Search Hotel Rates

The hotel search results page shows a list of hotels matching the search criteria. Hotels that participate in the “FedRooms” program are indicated and should be the first choice. Select the “View Rooms” or “Get Rates” button to see the available rates for a hotel.

Note: The Per Diem rate for this TDY is at the top of the page.


Select Hotel

ConcurGov displays a list of available rates for the selected hotel. A green checkmark indicates the room is a FedRooms rate and should be the first choice.

A yellow caution icon listed as a “Lesser policy violation” (not shown) indicates a contract room that is not the lowest rate. A yellow caution icon listed as a “Significant policy violation” indicates a room that is not a contracted rate. Choosing either of these rooms will result in a Travel Policy Violation window which requires a justification for choosing the room. Choose the room rate by selecting the price button next to the appropriate room type.


Review & Reserve Hotel

Review the hotel reservation detail. Scroll down to the “ACCEPT RATE DETAILS AND CANCELLATION POLICY” section.

Select the box next to “I agree to the hotel’s rate rules, restrictions, and cancellation policy.” Then select the “Reserve Hotel and Continue” button.


Step 16a: Review Travel Details

From the “Travel Details” page, review all the reservation before confirming. Notice the ticketing date and cancellation information in the “Trip Overview” section. Sarah can add any missing segment to her trip by selecting the appropriate icon in the “Add to your Itinerary” section.


Step 16b: Review Travel Details

Scroll to the bottom of the page to review all the choices. To make any changes, select the “Change” link for that segment of the reservation. To cancel part of the reservation, select the “Cancel” link next to that segment of the reservation.


Step 16c: Review Travel Details

Continue to scroll to the end of the page. If everything is in order, select the “Next” button to continue.

Note: Selecting the “Cancel” button will cancel the entire trip.


Trip Booking Information

On the “Trip Booking Information” page, a “Trip Name” will auto-populate. This can be edited to something specific to help identify the trip later. Select the trip type in the “Type Code” drop down. Enter a description of the trip in the “Document Detail” field. Select “Next” to continue.

Note: Only enter a comment for the travel agent when necessary as this will incur an additional fee.


Trip Confirmation

Review the trip details once more on the “Trip Confirmation” page before booking. Scroll to the bottom of the page to review each segment of the trip.


Confirm Booking

At the bottom of the “Trip Confirmation” page, select the “Confirm Booking” button to finalize the reservations. Upon confirmation an authorization will automatically be created.