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ConcurGov Job Aids — Creating a Local Voucher

031A: ConcurGov Job Aid – Creating a Local Voucher

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to creating a Voucher for reimbursement of local travel in ConcurGov. Local travel is considered any travel within 50 miles of the employee’s home or duty station (75 miles for IHS employees).

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers


Instructions: After you login...



Select Vouchers Tab

Select the “Vouchers” tab.


Select New Voucher

Select the “New Voucher” tab to begin.


Select Document Type

Select the drop-down arrow in the “Document Type” field and select “Local Voucher.” Then select the “Next” button.


Enter Trip Name/Description

Enter a “Trip Name” for the Local Voucher that will help you identify the document. Enter a description and purpose for the local expenses in the “Document Detail” field. Then select the “Create Document” button to continue.


Select Expenses & Receipts Tab

Select the “Expenses & Receipts” tab to enter the local expenses.


Step 6a: Add an Expense

To add a new expense, select the “Add Expense” button then enter the “Expense Date,” “Expense Description,” and “Cost” for the expense in the “Add Expense Details” area. If an expense was incurred on consecutive days, enter the last date of the expense in the “Create Expenses Through” field.

As an option, you can add a comment about the expense by selecting the “Show Other Details” link. Enter an explanation for the expense in the “Comments” field (not shown). This will be displayed on the “Summary” page. When complete, select the “Save” button.

Continue to add any local expenses such as public transit and tolls. Be sure to always select the “Add Expense” button before entering any new expense.

Note: You can merge expenses of the same type into a single expense. In the "Comments" field, list all of the expense amounts and corresponding dates.


Note: Any mileage in excess of the employee’s normal commute can be added as a reimbursable expense.

Select “Privately Owned Vehicle” in the “Expense Description” field (“Available/Committed To Gov’t Vhc” should be used when applicable). Enter the amount of miles in the “Quantity” field and press the tab key on your keyboard. This will calculate the cost based on the current General Services Administration (GSA) rate. The “Payment Method” for mileage should always be set to “PERSONAL.”


Step 6b: Edit an Expense

To edit an expense, select the pencil icon next to the expense. Update the “Date,” “Cost,” and/or “Payment Method” and then select “Save.”


Step 6c: Delete an Expense

To delete an expense, select the checkbox in the “Delete” column next to the expense. Then select the “Delete Selected Expenses” button.


Attach Receipts

Scroll down on the “Expenses & Receipts” page to the “Receipts” section to attach any receipts. Attach soft copies of receipts to the Voucher by selecting the “Attach Receipt Images” link and choosing the receipt from your hard drive. Alternatively, fax hard copies of your receipts by selecting the “Print Fax Cover Page” link and faxing the receipts to ConcurGov.


Verify Accounting Information

Select the “Accounting” tab to verify the accounting information. If the accounting information entered on the voucher is no longer correct, contact your Federal Financial Travel Approver or Federal Agency Travel Administrator (FATA).

Step08a Step08b

Select Totals Tab

To see the total cost of the trip, including the reimbursable amount, select the “Totals” tab.


Total Cost of Trip

The “Expense Summary” section displays the “Total Expenses” and the “Total Reimbursable Amount” of the trip.


Traveler Reimbursement

Scroll down to the “Reimbursement Summary” to see the amount to be reimbursed to the Traveler.


Pre-Audit Check

Select the “Perform Pre-Audits” tab to verify the audit tests. Check the pre-audit list, a line item with a FAIL requires a justification.

Note: A HARDFAIL (not shown) requires an adjustment to the document in order to proceed. See 014: Job Aid - Creating An Authorization from a Travel Reservation to see the process for entering a justification.

Step12a Step12b

Select Confirmation Tab

Select the “Confirmation” tab to sign the document.


Sign the Voucher

Select the “SIGNED” stamp from the “Status to Apply” drop-down menu. Select the “Stamp and Submit Document” button to continue.

Note: An Arranger must choose the “VOUCHER PREPARED” stamp to route the document to the Traveler to verify and sign the document. An Arranger cannot sign on behalf of the Traveler.


Continue Stamping

Select the “Continue Stamping the Document” button to continue.


Complete Signing Process

The system will ask you to approve signing the Authorization electronically. To approve this, select the “Accept Signature Text.”


Close and Route Voucher

Select the “Close Post Stamping Document Closure Screen” button to close the Voucher and begin the routing process.

The “Receipt Checklist” area (not shown) contains a list of required receipts for the Traveler’s Operating Division/Staff Division (OpDiv/StaffDiv).