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024A: Copying an Authorization

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to copying an Authorization in ConcurGov. This may include copying a trip for the same Traveler or copying a trip to assign to a different Traveler.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Authorizations

From the Home page of ConcurGov, select the “Authorizations” tab to see a list of current Authorizations.


Select Document

Select the name of the document in the “Name” column and then select the “Copy Document” link in the pop-up window.


Copy Document

ConcurGov identifies the current document information in the “Source Document Details” section.

The new document is automatically assigned a new “Document Name” and “TANUM.” Select the magnifying glass next to either the “TID” (Traveler Identification) field or the “Traveler Name” field and select the Traveler for the new Authorization. (You must search for and select the Traveler name even if it is the same Traveler who appeared on the original Authorization.)

Note: Do NOT select any of the check boxes listed as “Options.”


Save Document

Select the “Save” button to complete copying the document. All conditions and items from the original Authorization, except the Travel Reservation, are now copied to the new Authorization.


A pop-up confirmation window will advise you once the copy has been successfully completed. Select “OK” to continue.


Choose Traveler

If you have assigned the new document to a different Traveler, select the “Profile” drop-down menu and select the applicable radio button. Select the corresponding Traveler, and then select the “Start Session” button.

Follow the Steps from 013: Job Aid - Locating a Traveler to locate the Traveler for whom you want to update their profile.


Select Travel Tab

To add the travel reservation to this Authorization, select the “Travel” tab. If no travel reservations are needed, access the document from the list of Authorizations and skip to Step 8.


Select Authorization

From the “Travel” tab, select the radio button next to “Add Travel to an Existing Authorization.” Then select the drop-down arrow and choose the “TANUM” for the new Authorization. Proceed to book travel as normal.

To see the full process for booking a Travel Reservation, see 010: Job Aid – Booking a Travel Reservation.


Update Authorization

After booking travel, ConcurGov returns to the Authorization. Update the document as needed. To see the full process of creating an Authorization, see 014: Job Aid – Creating an Authorization from a Travel Reservation.