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ConcurGov Job Aids — Attaching Paper Receipts To a Travel Document

027: ConcurGov Job Aid – Attaching Paper Receipts To a Travel Document

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to attaching paper receipts and documentation to a travel document in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Vouchers Tab

Select the “Vouchers” tab and then select “View Vouchers.”

Note: Other types of documentation such as an Actual Expense Authorization (AEA) may be attached to an Authorization. In this case, select the “Authorizations” tab and then follow the steps below.

Step 01

Locate Document

Locate your document from the list of Vouchers. Select the document name from the “Name” column.

Step 02

Open Document

Select “Open Document” from the Actions pop up window.

Note: If the document has already been approved, select “Amend Document.”

Step 03

Summary Page

To upload a receipt image from your computer’s hard drive, select “Attach Receipt Images” from the “Summary tab” under the “Receipts” section and continue to Step 5. To fax a paper receipt to ConcurGov, select “Print Fax Cover Page” and go to Step 6.

Step 04

Upload Receipt

Select “Choose File” and select the file that you will be attaching.

Step 05a

Once you select the receipt from your hard drive it will appear in the “Filename” column. Select the “Attach” button to upload this to ConcurGov.

Step 05b

The status of the receipt is now “Received.” Select the “Done” button to complete. Skip to Step 7 to verify that the receipt(s) uploaded correctly.

Step 05c

Fax Receipt

To fax a receipt to ConcurGov, select “Print Fax Cover Page” from the “Summary” tab under the “Receipts” section (as seen in Step 4). Then select “Print Fax Cover Page” from the pop up window.

The cover page will print to your network printer. After printing, select “Close Window.”

Fax the cover page and paper receipt to ConcurGov using the number shown on the cover page.

Step 06

View Receipts

To verify that your receipt(s) have attached, select “View Receipts” from the “Summary” tab.

Step 07