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ConcurGov Job Aids — Attaching Paper Receipts To a Travel Document

027A: ConcurGov Job Aid – Attaching Paper Receipts to a Travel Document

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to attaching paper receipts and documentation to a travel document in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Select Vouchers Tab

From the ConcurGov Home page, select the “Vouchers“ tab and then select “View Vouchers.“

Step 01

Locate Voucher

Locate your voucher from the list provided. Select appropriate document from the “Name“ column.

Step 02

Open Voucher

Select “Open Document“ from the pop up window.

Step 03

Uploading a Receipt from Expenses & Receipts Tab

To upload a receipt image from your computer, select “Expenses & Receipts“ tab.

Select the far right icon under the “Actions” menu to add a receipt to the appropriate “Expense Description.“

Choose the file from your computer to upload. The image will upload under “Edit Expense Details.“

Once the image has been uploaded successfully, a check mark will appear on the far right icon under “Actions.“

Note: You may add up to 4 receipts per expense.

Step 04_1

Step 04_2 

Step 04_3 

Step 04_4 

Uploading a Receipt from Summary Tab

Alternatively, you may upload receipts from the “Summary“ tab.

Scroll to “Document Attachments“ and click the “Upload Document Attachments“ icon. Documents can also be dragged and dropped to the web interface.

Each attachment will appear as tiles under “Document Attachments.“

Note: You may add up to 10 receipts per expense.

Step 05_1
Step 05_2

Verify Receipts

To verify images have uploaded correctly, click on the magnifying glass icon to launch Lightbox.

Lightbox will allow you to view your receipt, zoom in and out, and permanently rotate the image.

Alternatively, you may view your uploaded documents by clicking on “View/Print All Document Attachments (PDF).“

Step 06_1

Step 06_3 

Step 06_1