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056: AMS SSO Profile Issues

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide for when there is a problem with a profile in AMS.

Audience:Lead Federal Agency Travel Administrator (FATA)


Instructions: After you login...



Consult TIER II Account Manager

OpDiv (Operating Division) Lead FATA reaches out to TIER II Account Manager (AM) regarding E-travel link for new user.


Gather Information

TIER II Account Manager (AM) gathers new user’s information from OpDiv Lead FATA on Single Sign On functionality.


Verify Information

TIER II AM verifies new user’s information, and opens a JIRA case and assigns it accordingly to our CTIP team. The AM will then advise the OpDiv Lead FATA on the JIRA case number for reference.


CTIP Processes Request

CTIP team processes request and reaches back to TIER AM with completed request. CTIP team will reach out to TIER II AM if any further information is needed to complete the request.


Completed Request

TIER II AM contacts OpDiv back with completed request. TIER II AM updates JIRA case number and closes it.