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022A: Allocating Expenses Across Multiple Lines of Accounting

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to allocating expenses across multiple lines of accounting (LOA) in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



View Authorizations

From the ConcurGov Home page, select the “Authorizations” tab to see a list of your Authorizations.

Note: For Arrangers working on behalf of another user, refer to 013: Job Aid – Locating a Traveler for instructions on how to work under that user.

Step 01

Select the Authorization

Locate the document using the document name or TA number. Select the Document’s name to begin opening the document.

Step 02

Open the Authorization

Select the “Open Document” link in the “Actions for…” pop-up to open the Authorization.

Step 03

Select Accounting Tab

Select the “Accounting” tab to locate the Lines of Accounting (LOA).

Step 04

Select Allocate

From the “Account Code Applied to…” list, select the allocate icon in the “Actions” column.

Note: Any LOA on a document must have some expenses allocated to it. A LOA with a zero value (this is the default for a LOA when first added) will result in an error on the document during the signing process.

Note: To learn how to add a Line of Accounting to a document, see 014: Job Aid - Creating an Authorization from a Travel Reservation.

Step 05

Select Expense Level Allocation

From the “Account Code Allocation Summary” page, select the “Expense Level Allocation” tab.

This will allow you to allocate by “Fiscal Year”, “Expense Category / Payment Method,” “Expense,” or “Location.”

Note: The “Expense” method is the recommended means of allocation. Although “Fiscal Year” is available it should not be used for allocation.

The example in Step 7 allocates by expense. If you wish to allocate by percentage or dollar amount, skip to Step 10.

Step 06

Allocate by Expense

Select either of the “Expense” links in the “Allocate By” column.

Step 07

Select Organization Accounting Code/Label

From the drop-down list in the “Organization/Label” column, select the LOA for each expense.

Note: The “Split” link allows you to allocate this expense by dollar amount.

Step 08

Save Changes

Select the “Save and Exit Allocation Changes” button. Skip to Step 14 to complete or follow Steps 10 through 13 to see allocating by percentage or dollar amount.

Step 09

Select Document Level Allocation

From the “Account Code Allocation Summary” page, select the “Document Level Allocation” tab.

This will allow you to allocate by amount or percentage. The example in Step 11 allocates by percentage.

Step 10

Allocate by Percentage

Select either of the “0” links in the “Percent” column.

Step 11

Enter the Percentage

Enter the percentage of the expense that you wish to allocate to each LOA.

Step 12

Save Changes

Select the “Save Allocation Changes” button to save.

Step 13a Step 13b

Select Confirmation

Select the “Confirmation” tab to sign the document.

Step 14

Sign the Authorization

Select the “SIGNED” stamp in the “Status to Apply” field and then select the “Stamp and Submit Document” button.

Step 15

Perform Pre-Audits

Justify any pre-audits as needed and then select the “Continue Stamping the Document” button.

Step 16

Accept Signature

Select the “Accept Signature Text” button to indicate that you are legally signing this document.

Step 17

Close the Authorization

Select the “Close Post Stamping Document Closure Screen” to begin the routing process.

Step 18