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021A: Adding an Advance Request to an Authorization

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide to adding a request for an advance to an Authorization.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Locate Authorization

From the ConcurGov Home page, locate the appropriate Authorization in the “Recent Authorization” section. Select the document name under the “Name” column.

You can also locate the Authorization by selecting the “Authorizations” tab at the top of the page (not shown).

Step 01

Open Authorization

From the “Document Actions” pop-up window select “Open Document.”

Note: If the document has been adjusted, select the most recent version indicated with ** at the end of the document name. Then select “Edit Document” to continue.

Step 02

Select Accounting Tab

Select the “Accounting” tab to enter in an Account Code

Step 03

Setup Account Code

In the “Label” field, create a name for your account code.

From the “FY” drop-down menu, select the fiscal year in which the travel will take place.

Using the magnifying glass, select a “CAN” (Common Accounting Number) from the list provided.

Using the magnifying glass, select an “OCC” (Object Class Code) from the list provided.

Click “Add to Document” when all information has been entered.

Note: A “CAN” must be entered in to the document before an advance can be requested.

Step 04

Select “Advances” Tab

Select the “Advances” tab

Step 05

Add Advances

Select the “Add Advances” button.

Step 06

Add Advance Details

In the “Add Advance” area, the date will default to the date of the request.

The amount will default to the percentage of the trip cost set by your Operating Division/Staff Division (OpDiv/StaffDiv) (usually 60% of the reimbursable amount). The “Account Code” will default to the Line of Accounting (LOA/CAN) entered on the “Accounting” page.

Enter any remarks for the Approving Official. Check the box next to “Request Immediate Release” if you need the advance processed as soon as the Authorization is approved.

Note: A traveler should allow seven (7) business days prior to the travel date to ensure the advance is calculated and properly processed by the ETS and the OpDiv/StaffDiv’s financial system. If this requirement is not met, the electronic transfer of funds may not be processed and deposited in time for the scheduled travel.

Select the “Save” button to save the advance request to the document.

Step 07

Review Pre-Audits

Select the “Perform Pre-Audits” tab to see if any items failed the pre-audit test. If any items show as FAIL in the status column, select the “Justify Pre-Audit Results” button to enter a justification.

Enter a justification for any failed items. Then select “Save Justification” to continue.

Step 08

Select “Confirmation” Tab

Select the “Confirmation” tab to sign the Authorization.

Step 09

Sign Authorization

Select the “SIGNED” stamp in the “Status to Apply” drop-down menu. Then select “Stamp and Submit Document.”” If this has previously been approved, it will need to go through the routing process again to approve the advance.

Step 10

Continue Stamping Document

Select the “Continue Stamping the Document” button.

Step 11

Accept Signature

The system will ask you to approve signing the Authorization electronically. Select the “Accept Signature Text” if you accept these conditions.

Step 12

Route the Document

Select the “Close Post Stamping Document Closure Screen” button to close the Authorization and begin the routing process.

Step 13