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007FATA: Accessing a Document for a FATA

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide to accessing a travel document in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Agency Travel Administrator (FATA) and Federal Financial Travel Approver


Instructions: After you login...



ConcurGov Tabs

Documents can be accessed from the ConcurGov home page via the “Authorizations” tab, the “Vouchers” tab, and the “Approvals” tab.

Note: Only routing officials will see the “Approvals” tab.


Step 2a: The ConcurGov Home Page

The “Shortcuts” section of the home page offers quick links to access pages within the “Travel,” “Authorizations,” “Vouchers,” and “Approvals” tabs. Selecting any of these links will take you to the corresponding pages of ConcurGov.


Step 2b: The ConcurGov Home Page

The Home page also contains three sections that allow you to access documents.

1) The “Recent Authorizations” section contains created Authorizations. To access a document, select the name from the “Name/TA Number” column and select “Review Document”, “Open Document”, “View Associated Vouchers” or “View Associated Itineraries.”


2) The “Recent Vouchers” section contains created Vouchers. To access a document, select the name from the “Name/TA Number” column and select “Review Document”, “Open Document”, “View Associated Authorizations” or “View Associated Itineraries.”


3) The “Documents Awaiting Action” section contains a list of the documents awaiting some type of action by the user. To access a document, select the name from the “Name/TA Number” column. Further actions for each document can be found under Approvals.


Step 3a: The Authorizations Page

To access an Authorization from the “Authorizations” page, select the “Authorizations” tab at the top of the screen, then select the “View Authorizations” tab.


Step 3b: The Authorizations Page

From the list of Authorizations, locate the document you want to access. Documents can be sorted by selecting any of the column headers, e.g., “Trip Name.” Select the document from the “Name” column. Then select either “Open Document” or “Review Document” from the pop-up window. If you want to edit the document, be sure to select “Open Document.”

Note: If the document has already been approved, you will be prompted to amend the document or open in view-only.


The Vouchers Page

The process for accessing a document from the “Vouchers” page is the same as accessing from the “Authorizations” page. Follow Steps 3a and 3b as shown above.


The Approvals Page

To access documents that are awaiting your approval, select the “Approvals” tab. The “Approvals” tab automatically opens on the “Approve All” tab. To narrow your search, select “Approve Authorizations” or “Approve Vouchers” tabs.


Document Awaiting Approval

Narrow your document search with the “Search By” drop-down to search by “Minimum Days in Queue,” “Traveler Name,” etc. Select the name of the document in the “Document” column, then select “Review Document”, “Preview Document”, “View/Change Reservations” or “Adjust Document.”


Step 7a: Previously Approved Documents

To access documents that have already been approved, select the “Search Previous Approvals” tab. Search for a document by “TANUM,” “Document Name,” “Traveler Name,” or “Date Range” in the “Search by” field. Enter in the search criteria, then select the “Refresh Document List” button.


Step 7b: Previously Approved Documents

The document(s) will appear in the “Document List.” Select the name of the document, then select either “Review Document” or “Preview Document” (for a printed version).