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001NF: Improvements to ConcurGov Usability

Purpose:To provide a step-by-step guide on new features available in ConcurGov.

Audience: Federal Travelers and Federal Travel Arrangers (FTA)


Instructions: After you login...



Improvements to Usability

Changes were made to Enhance Document View screens to allow for more functions to be executed without opening the document. Layout issues were addressed as well as current table views to improve the user experience, and align it with new UX patterns that accompany the new UI.

01 General Tab: Better organized and easier to understand
02 Document Creation: Prompt users to create documents from travel
03 Trip Booking Information: Consistency between data presented in the trip booking process and in the document
04 Itinerary Location Management: Clear display of rates, linked locations, and references
05 Miscellaneous: Updated print, summary, and other areas to align with field changes done in the project

Infographic explaining the 5 improvements to ConcurGov

General Tab

  • Re-organized content allows for more easily consumed information.
  • A new framework provides a responsive layout with improved readability.
  • Content that spanned two sub tabs now appears on a single screen, unifying the document information experience.
  • Elements only appear when relevant, resulting in a page displaying relevant information.
  • Sub tabs now only appear for agency-created document custom field information (i.e. NFT tab)
  • To reduce errors, sub tabs (if shown) now offer required field indicators.
  • Flexible Location Entry allows locations to be added in any order and ConcurGov will arrange them chronologically for you.
  • Users will see centralized messages. The System messaging was re-authored to provide clear guidance for recovering from errors. In addition, changes were made to utilize consistent error, warning, information, and success iconography.

Travel Booking Flow

“Required Field” indicators were added to increase learnability. Users can add more data one time in order to avoid redundancy


Itinerary Location Management

  • The Itinerary Location feature was redesigned to allow users to easily select their desired per diem location.
  • Entitlements, linked locations, and reference data is now more clearly presented.
  • The “Itinerary Location” text box now provides the most recent locations for travelers who visit the same location frequently. Also, searching locations yields smartly categorized results.