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Travel Card Training

Travel Card Holder and Travel Card A/OPC Training:

All Travel Card holders and Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPCs) are required to take the HHS Travel Charge Card Training (Course ID: 00047851) to learn about proper use of the Government Travel Card prior to receiving one and/or on appointment. This 30-minute course gives card holders and A/OPCs a better understanding of HHS-specific policies and procedures for the Travel Charge Card and helps you and your organization maximize the benefits of the Travel Charge Card program.


Registering for the HHS Travel Charge Card Training Course:

Please follow the steps below to register for the official travel card training course via the HHS Learning Management System (LMS):

  1. Login to the HHS Access Management System (AMS).
  2. Access the HHS Learning Portal (LMS).
  3. Search for “HHS Travel Charge Card Training” or “00047851” in the Catalog Search box.
  4. When the course appears in the search results, click the blue colored text “Launch Content” found under the course description. DO NOT click on the course name.
  5. Select “Continue Registration” to complete course registration.

For more information, please see the HHS Travel Charge Card Job Aid: Registering for Training.

If you are having technical issues with your LMS user profile, such as being unable to register for the training course or having trouble opening/downloading your training completion certificate, please contact the HHS LMS Helpdesk via email at, or call 1-855-495-2184.