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02: How to Apply for Transit Benefits

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Transit Benefits including Transit, Vanpool, and Bike2Work.

Audience: HHS Employees




Login in to GOVGO!

Login to the GOVGO! Portal. Enter your "User Name" and "Password" to access your Participant Dashboard.


Note: If you do not have a login but would like to access the GOVGO! Portal, refer to 01: PSC GOVGO! Job Aid – How to Register.


My Benefits

Select "New/Recertify/Pending Application" under the "My Benefits" tab on the GOVGO! homepage.


Confirm Eligibility

Confirm that you are eligible to receive benefits by clicking on the "Yes" button.

Note: Selecting "Yes" indicates that you meet ALL the criteria listed.


Employee Information Section

Step 4a: Application Type

Click on the "Application Type" down arrow and select the program you would like to enroll in from the drop-down menu. Choose from Transit, Bike2Work, or Vanpool.


Step 4b: Contact Information

Enter an "Alternate Email", "Work Phone" and/or "Mobile Phone" under the "Contact Information" section.


Step 4c: Supervisor Information

Add or change your supervisor's name by clicking the "Edit" button next to the name listed.


You may also search for your supervisor by entering in their "Last Name", "First Name" and "Middle Name" and clicking "Search."


If you cannot locate your supervisor, you may use an asterisk (*) as a wild card in the name fields. An asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard in the Last, First, and/or Middle name. In the screen shot provided the "First Name" criteria is "J*" which returns all first names starting with the letter "J". Conversely, if you enter "*J" in the "First Name" field this action will return all names ending with the letter "J".

Click "Select" next to your supervisor's name.

Note: If the supervisor's email address or name is incorrect or you cannot locate your supervisor, do not continue your application. Please contact the Transit Program Office at 301-492-4774 or via email via email at


Step 4d: Coordinator Information

Verify that your Coordinator's name and email address are correct.


Step 4e: Save & Continue

Once you have completed the "Employee Information" section, click on the "Save & Continue" button.


Commuter Information Section

Step 5a: Home Address

Enter your complete "Home Address."

Note: The home address cannot be a P.O. Box as commute costs are validated from home to work.


Step 5b: Mailing Address

Enter an "Alternate Email", "Work Phone" and/or "Mobile Phone" under the "Contact Information" section. Enter your "Mailing Address" (P.O. box is allowed in this section.)

Note: When the "Mailing Address Same as Home" box is checked, the "Home Address" is copied to the "Mailing Address" section below. At that point, the "Mailing Address" cannot be modified. However, if any changes are made to the "Home Address", the changes will also be made to the "Mailing Address."


Step 5c: Save Information

Once you have completed the "Commuter Information" section, click on the "Save & Previous" or the "Save & Continue" button.


Work Schedule


Step 6a: Commute Status

For "Commute Status," use the drop-down arrow under the corresponding day of the week to select one of the following options for every day of the week, including weekend days that you are not scheduled to work:

  • Commuting — work day that you travel from your primary residence to primary duty station.
  • Non-Commute — work day that you do not commute to/from your primary duty station (e.g. Telework from home.)
  • Day Off — regular day off from work.

Step 6b: Work Schedule

As a participant, enter your work schedule for a two week pay period. Select the "Start Time" and "End Time" for each day by clicking on the "+/-" button under the corresponding day. If you have a flexible work schedule, enter your typical "Start Time" and "End Time."

Note: "Hours Worked" is automatically calculated based on your "Start Time" and "End Time." For "Day Off", no time can be entered.


Step 6c: Save Information

Once you have completed the "Work Schedule" section, click on the "Save & Previous" or the "Save & Continue" button.


Transit Information

Step 7a: Confirm Transit Information

Before filling out your transit methods, please be sure that your "Region" listed in the "Employee Information" section under "Organizational Information" is correct. The transit provider names which are available under "Transit Method" are based on your region. Also, please confirm that your home and work states entered in the "Commuter Information" sections are correct. Lastly, verify that the information entered in the "Work Schedule" section is accurately reported as the calculated cost will be automatically calculated based on the work schedule entered.

Click on the "New Transit Method" button.


Step 7b: Edit Transit Method

Using the down arrow button, select a "Transit Method" from the drop-down menu.


Step 7c: Start and End Location

In the "Start Location" field, enter the station or cross streets where you start using your transit method. "Home" is not a valid entry.

In the "End Location" field, enter the station or cross streets where you stop using your transit method. "Work" is not a valid entry.


Step 7d: Miles Traveled

In the "# Miles (one-way)" field, enter the number of miles traveled during your commute. Check the box next to "One Way Commute?" if you only use your transit method on your way to work or from work.


Step 7e: Pass Type

Use the down arrow button to select a "Pass Type" from the drop-down menu. Select the most cost efficient "Pass Type" for your commute to and from work.


Step 7f: Ride Count

In the "Multi-Ride Count" field, enter how many rides the ticket provides, if "Multi-Ride" was selected from the "Pass Type" drop down menu. For example, if you purchased a 10-ride pass, enter "10" in the corresponding field.


Step 7g: Actual Cost

In the "Actual Cost of Pass" field, enter the cost of the "Pass Type" you selected.


Step 7h: Save Information

Once you have completed the "Transit Information" section, select the "Save" button. To add additional transit methods, click on the "New Transit Method" button and repeat steps 7a through 7h.


To edit an existing "Transit Method", click on the edit (pencil) icon in the "Options" column. To delete an existing "Transit Method", click on the delete (trashcan) icon under the "Options" column.


Reduced Fare Eligibility

Step 8a: Determine Eligibility

Indicate whether or not you are eligible to participate by selecting "I am NOT ELIGIBLE for reduced fares" or "I am ELIGIBLE for reduced fares and my commute costs reflects reduced fares." The eligibility for reduced fares is based on age or other special programs offered by most mass transportation providers.

Note: By selecting "I am ELIGIBLE for reduced fares and my commute cost reflects reduced fares", you are agreeing to participate in the reduced fare program.


Step 8b: Save Information

Once you have completed the "Reduced Fare Eligibility" section, click on the "Save & Previous" or the "Save & Continue" button.


Supporting Documentation

Step 9a: Upload Supporting Documents

If you have documentation to support the cost of your commute, use this section to upload them. Click on the "Browse" button to find the document on your computer. Click on the "Upload" link. The document will appear under the "Uploaded files" section when complete.

Uploading documentation is not required unless you are applying for an annual pass (in which case you must upload a picture of yourself) or if an application revision was requested by your Supervisor or Coordinator. However, all commute costs will be validated.


Step 9b: Save Information

Once you have completed the "Supporting Documentation" section, click on the "Save & Previous" or the "Save & Continue" button.


Employee Verification

Step 10a: Agree to Statements

Before the application can be submitted, click on all three corresponding checkboxes to the left of the agreeing statements. Please read all terms before agreeing to accept Transit Benefits.


Step 10b: Review and Submit

Once finished with the application, click on the "Review and Submit" button.


Review Application

On the "Review Application" page, review each section of the application and ensure that all required fields have been entered.


Notes for Approver

In the "Notes for Approver's Consideration" section, enter any information you would like taken into consideration when the Supervisor, Coordinator, and/or the Transit Program Office processes the application.

DO NOT post questions regarding your transit application or transit benefits in this section. If there are specific questions for the approving authorities, please contact them directly. You can contact the Transit Program Office at (301) 492-4774 or via email at The contact information for your Supervisor and Coordinator is located on the "Review Application" page in the "Employee Information" section.


Certify Information

In the "Certify Information Accuracy" section, after reading the agreement terms, click on the check box to the right of "I CERTIFY THAT."


Submit Application

Once you have completed this section, click on the "Submit Application" button.


Application Successfully Submitted

You will see the "Application Submitted" page when your application has been submitted successfully. Additional information about your submitted application can be found on this page.