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Staff Directory

Service Areas


Service Line:    Accounting
   Debt Collection
   Financial Reporting

Acquisition Management

Earl Pinto

(301) 443-4061

Service Line:    Acquisitions

Behavioral Health

Brad Christ

(301) 492-5466

Service Line:    Employee Assistance Program
   Organizational Development and Leadership
   Psychological Testing and Evaluation Program
   Work/Life Programs

Board for Correction

Service Line:    Board for Correction

Building Operations

Service Line:    Facilities Operations and Maintenance
   Regional Support
   Room Management

Clinical Health

Julia Shiner

(301) 492-5415

Service Line:    FedStrive
   Health Clinics
   Medical Employability
   Medical Surveillance
   Workers Compensation Management

Environmental Health and Safety

CDR Robert Gibbs

(301) 443-4179

Service Line:    Automated External Defibrillator
   Environmental Health and Safety


Lori Ruderman

(301) 492-4794

Service Line:    Customer Contact Center
   Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Grants Finance and Administration

Gary Kotouch

(301) 492-4126

Service Line:    Grants Management
   Indirect Cost Negotiations

Intake, Suitability, and Badging

Service Line:    Intake, Suitability, and Badging

Mail and Publishing

Bobbi Sue Cline

(301) 443-5921

Service Line:    Departmental Forms Management
   Digital Document Management
   Mail Operations
   Mail Screening
   Printing Program Management
   Section 508 Compliance

Physical Security and Emergency Management

Service Line:    Physical Security and Emergency Management

Real Property Management

Alfred Cypress

(202) 205-5207

Service Line:    Federal Real Property Assistance Program
   Real Property Policy & Strategy
   Space Design & Construction

Supply Chain Management

Lori Frederick

(410) 642-2244

Service Line:    Labor and Moving
   Medical Supply Fulfillment
   Personal Property Disposal
   Personal Property Management
   Publications Fulfillment


Matt Zakielarz

(301) 492-4849

Service Line:    Charge Card Management
   Fleet Operations
   Transit Subsidy Program Management
   Travel Program Management

Wellness and Health Promotion

John King

(301) 492-5365

Service Line:    Wellness and Fitness

Executive Leadership

Financial Management and Procurement Portfolio

7700 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD 20857

Director and CFO       Bill McCabe      

Deputy Director and Deputy CFO       Scott Brna      

Staff Assistant       Sherry Reichel       (301) 492-4950

Occupational Health Portfolio

7700 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD 20857

Director       Commander Tomas Bonome      

Staff Assistant       Kimberly Sarvis       (301) 492-5450

Real Estate, Logistics, and Operations Support Portfolio

7700 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD 20857

Deputy Director       Tim Brown       (301) 492-4942

Director       Michael Saunders       

Staff Assistant       Byron Phillips       (301) 492-4594

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