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Repackaging Program

Purchasing supplies in bulk is the most cost-effective way to procure pharmaceutical, medical, and other supplies. However, some agencies do not have the resources or equipment to take these supplies and assemble them into a package that is more efficient for end-user consumption. PSC offers a full-service pharmaceutical repackaging solution using state-of-the-art equipment to assemble multiple items into unit-of-use packages that are convenient, prescription size, patient ready, and pre-labeled for health care providers to distribute directly to patients.

Two medical professionals wearing scrubs in a supply closet looking through items on the shelves.


PSC's pharmaceutical repackaging solution includes:

  • Purchasing supplies and equipment
  • Designing packaging
  • Repackaging materials
  • Storing items in a secure, temperature-controlled warehouse
  • Shipping on-demand or on a regular schedule

Regulations and Rules

As a trusted federal agency partner, PSC follows all federal regulations, accreditations, industry best practices, and any agency requirements and specifications. PSC is the only registered Food and Drug Administration (FDA) facility that provides unit-of-use pharmaceutical prepacks to a wide variety of federal customers. Our operations:

  • Adhere to FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Observe FDA's strict guidelines and follow industry standards for receiving, sampling, testing, accepting, and repackaging of all supplies
  • Follow production controls, including rigorous, predetermined quality control standards which all products must pass before released for consumption

Agency Inventory

As an "agency inventory" (under Federal Acquisition Regulation 8.002), customers rely on PSC as their priority government supply source for specialized assistance and supplies of unit-of-use prepacks to support agency needs, medical readiness programs, national emergencies, sheltering-in-place response programs, and presidential initiatives.