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2017 Spring Service Matters


Text-only version of the banner "PSC SERVICES ADD VALUE WITH GREEN PRACTICES."

The banner is divided into three horizontal regions.

The top region has the title, PSC SERVICES ADD VALUE WITH GREEN PRACTICES, and a stylized graphic of a building and tree-lined driveway.

The middle region has a bar graph titled "Platinum Core And Shell Rated And Energy Star Certification Score". The bar graph goes from left to right, with value from 0 to 100. At the value 50 mark is the text, "Typical performance score". At the 75 value mark is the text, "A facility performs better than 75% of all similar facilities nationwide". At the value 96 mark is the text, "PSC helped the 5600 Fishers Lane building achieve LEED Platinum status for core and shelf certification and Energy Star building certification with a 96 baseline score".

The bottom region has the title "30,000 to 50,000 pounds" and graphic with three rows of weights of the type that are used on a balance-type scale, meant to represent the concept of "pounds". The region also has the text, "PSC's document destruction service shreds 30,000 to 50,000 pounds of paper per month. They have containers in 40 to 50 buildings at any given time. All shredded materials is recycled."