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List of Eligible Health Programs


The following is a list of the common types of programs considered eligible for real property grants. It is only a partial listing. Additional health programs not listed may also be eligible.

  • medical institutions
  • hospitals
  • health centers (i.e., related laboratories, administrative offices, and public health nursing programs)
  • mental health centers
  • clinics
  • nursing homes (i.e., long term care and convalescent facilities)
  • medical, dental, nursing, and paramedic schools
  • infirmaries
  • diagnostic or treatment centers providing outpatient services and care
  • preventive medical/health care programs
  • rehabilitation centers for mentally or physically disable persons which provide an integrated medical, psychological, social evaluation and training program
  • residences for physicians, nurses, paramedics, etc. in isolated areas
  • pollution and pest control (related to public health)
  • maternal and child health programs
  • mental and physical hygiene training programs
  • sanitary engineering and inspection
  • health and nutrition education
  • drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation programs
  • juvenile delinquent rehabilitation, diagnostic, and evaluation programs
  • communicable and chronic disease control (i.e., immunization programs)
  • migrant and Native American health programs
  • sewage disposal systems
  • storm sewer systems
  • solid waste programs (i.e., sanitary landfills, incinerators, and recycling facilities)
  • water systems (i.e., wells, pumps, underground distribution mains, purifiers, reservoirs, water towers, and protected watershed properties)
  • paramedic emergency treatment programs
  • health administrative offices
  • facilities to assist the homeless (Title V of the McKinney Act)
  • animal control facilities
  • forensic laboratories and morgues