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Payroll Services Letter 05-16.1: Reemployed Annuitants Annual Changes


Payroll Services Letter 05-16.1: Reemployed Annuitants Annual Changes

Number: PS05-16.1

Date: April 17, 2005 (Revised May, 2009)

Subject: Reemployed Annuitants Annual Changes

Category: Personnel Actions

Reference: PS05-16, Subject: Reemployed Annuitants Annual Changes, dated April 17, 2005. PS05-16.1 supersedes PS05-16. Please replace that letter with this one


This letter provides information on processing annual changes for reemployed annuitants. The new procedure is being implemented as part of the conversion of the HHS payroll system to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

_ _ _

Effective April 17, 2005, Human Resource (HR) Centers can only enter reemployed annuitant annual amounts for an employee who receives an annuity from OPM that is subject to salary offset on the accession action. This information is required by the payroll system to ensure that the employee is paid correctly. The DFAS payroll system requires payroll office technician access to enter any changes to the reemployed annuitant amount in the payroll system.

When the HR Center receives documentation of a change in the reemployed annuitant amount, or if the annual annuity amount was not processed on the accession action, the HR Center must forward a copy of the employee’s annuity document to their Payroll Customer Service Team. The information must be sent to Payroll Services electronically using the Peregrine system. Use the Peregrine Category: PAY Subcategory: PAY ADJUSTMENT to have the employee’s payroll record updated. The annuity document can be attached to the Peregrine ticket or faxed to the Payroll Customer Service Team. The Peregrine ticket should include:

  • Employee Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Employee ID (optional)
  • Reemployed Annuitant Annual Amount
  • Effective Date

The first line of the description field must indicate Reemployed Annuitant Data or Reemployed Annuitant Annual Change, the amount and effective date, followed by any other pertinent information.

The Customer Service Representative will forward the annuity document to the DFAS Cleveland civilian pay office for manual input by a payroll office technician

For further assistance or for questions regarding the information in this letter, please contact your Payroll Customer Service Team.