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Payroll Services Letter 05-11.2: Leave Certifications


Payroll Services Letter 05-11.2: Leave Certifications

Number: PS05-11.2

Date: June 16, 2008 (Revised May, 2009)

Subject: Leave Certifications

Category: Leave

Reference: PS05-11.1, Subject: Leave Certifications dated June 16, 2008. 2 supersedes PS05-11.1. Please replace that letter with this one.

This letter describes new procedures for certifying leave when an employee is absent from work due to court, military (DC Guard), law enforcement, and/or military leave types. This procedure complies with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) payroll processing requirements.

- - - -

HHS Timekeepers must notify their Human Resource (HR) Center Payroll Liaison when an employee who was placed on court, military (DC Guard), law enforcement, and/or military leave returns to duty and provides documentation substantiating the employee was entitled to the leave reported for each date contained in the employee’s leave record. The Payroll Liaison must forward the notification of leave certification to their Payroll Customer Service Team. Certifications are accepted from the employee after the employee returns from the respective leave.

The notification must be sent to your Payroll Customer Service Team electronically through the Peregrine system. For court leave and military returned to duty, use the Peregrine classification – Category LEAVESubcategory LEAVE ADJUSTMENT.

The Peregrine ticket must include the following information:

  • Type of Leave
  • Dates (shown on the document provided by the employee)
  • Number of Hours

The first line in the description field must state: “The employee provided documentation substantiating the period of leave listed.”

For military (DC Guard), law enforcement or contingency leave, use the Peregrine classification – Category:LEAVE Subcategory: MILITARY LEAVE. Ensure you have a copy of the employee’s military orders when filling out the template fields. More detailed instructions can be found in the Peregrine web portal user manual.

The Payroll Services Division will receive a report of all uncertified leave, the Outstanding Leave Documentation Report, and will follow-up with the Payroll Liaison if the certifications are not received. There is no leave conversion of uncertified leave balances.