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Payroll Services Letter 05-30.1: Hazardous Duty Pay


Payroll Services Letter 05-30.1: Hazardous Duty Pay

Number: PS05-30.1

Date: April 17, 2005 (Revised May, 2009)

Subject: Hazardous Duty Pay

Category: Time and Attendance (T&A)

Reference: PS 05-30, Subject: Hazardous Duty Pay, dated April 17, 2005. PS 05-30.1 supersedes PS 05-30. Please replace that letter with this one.


The conversion of the HHS payroll system to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will change how Hazardous Duty Pay is handled by HHS. This letter explains those changes.

_ _ _


Hazardous Duty Pay is a differential paid for duty involving physical hardship or hazard.

  • It may be granted to full-time, part-time and intermittent GS employees.
  • It is paid in addition to any additional pay or allowances payable under other statutes.
  • It may not be considered part of the employee’s rate of basic pay in computing additional pay or allowances payable under other statutes.

New Procedure

DFAS enters Hazardous Duty Pay through the T&A and Pay Adjustment programs. Due to the small number of HHS employees receiving Hazardous Duty Pay, the HHS Payroll office had formerly processed Hazardous Duty Pay manually. From now on, Hazardous Duty Pay data must be entered through the T&A process. A personnel action is not used for Hazardous Duty Pay.

The procedure for entering Hazardous Duty Pay is as follows:

OPDIV Timekeepers will:

  • Continue to submit an amended timecard along with the following required documentation to the Payroll Liaison
  • Written justification or documented verification signed by the Supervisor

The Payroll Liaison in the Human Resource (HR) Center will do the following:

  • Review the amended timecard and verify the documentation.
  • Either retain the documentation or forward the documentation to the Customer Service Representative (CSR) in the Payroll Services Division (PSD). (Procedure to be decided.)

The CSR will do the following:

  • Annotate the amended timecard with the correct DFAS Hazardous Duty Pay code.
  • If necessary, calculate the Hazardous Duty Pay amount for Retroactive pay.
  • Submit the T&A to DFAS.

For further assistance or for questions regarding the information in this letter, please contact your Payroll Customer Service Team.