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Board for Correction Case No. 102-89


Board for Correction Case No. 102-89

167.00 Indebtedness-Collection Upon Separation - Cancel debt to the U.S. Government

Recommendation of the Board for Correction xxxxxxx xxx, Case No. 102-89

XXXXXX filed an application with the Board for Correction dated xxxx 1989, in which he requested that the Board:

  1. Cancel his obligation to reimburse the Federal Government for rental payments received and reimburse him the amount he has returned: or
  2. Correct his record to show that on xxxx 1982, he had elected to remain under the Index method rather than convert to the Rent-Plus Method of calculating his housing allowance. This correction would have reduced the amount of the overpayment; and

    Remove from his Official Personnel File all documents and references related to overpayment of his housing allowance.

After consideration of the entire record, the Board found that the documentation submitted was insufficient to establish a probable error or injustice. The Board did not find that the Corps had erred in concluding that Xxxxxxx had shared quarters and expenses with xxxxxxx on xxxxx 1982, when he answered question 13, nor did it find that he had suffered an injustice from having to return the overpayments he received.

Accordingly, the Board recommends that no relief be granted to Xxxxxx. Approval of this recommendation requires no correction to his record. Attachment 1 includes the findings, conclusions and recommendation concerning his request.

We certify that this recommendation reflects the views and action taken by the Board on request, as contained in Attachment 1, and that it has been concurred with Director, Office of Management

We certify, further, that the Case Record, shown as Attachment 2, contains all Of the documentation submitted on Xxxxx request and that, in addition to Applicable statutes, regulations and policies, it has been considered by the Board in arriving at this recommendation.

Finally, we certify that a quorum of Board members was present on xxxxx 1990, when his request was considered.

If you approve, please sign below.

Betty J. Cook
Executive Officer
Office of Treatment Improvement, ADAMHA


(1) Board Prcceedings
(2) Case Record

Reviewed and Approved:

I hereby approve the recommendation of the Board for Correction on the request of received and considered in accordance with the authority of Section 221a(a) (12) of the Public Health Service Act (P.L. 96-76, as amended) and 42 U.S.C. 2l3a(a)(12).

Wilford J. Forbush
Director, Office of Management

Anyone wishing to obtain an un-redacted copy of any of the decisions should submit a request for the un-redacted decision under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Such requests should be directed to the PHS FOIA Office, Parklawn Building, Room 17 A-46, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857; telephone 301-443-5252; fax 301-443-0925.