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Board for Correction Case No. 052-84


Board for Correction Case No. 052-84

234.00 Travel / Transportation / Shipment of Household Goods - Payment of traveling expenses

Recommendation of the Board for Correction on Case No.052-84 xxxxxx

Xxxxxxx filed an application with the Board for Correction dated xxxx 1984, requesting reimbursement of travel expenses from her home to Xxxxxxx. The applicant responded to the request of an NIH official that she attend an orientation session for students in the Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program in which she was enrolled. Xxxxxxx traveled to Xxxxxxx without orders, not knowing that such orders were required before reporting to a duty station.

The merits of Xxxxxxx request were evaluated on the basis of the report submitted by CPOD which did not express an objection to reimbursing the applicant for the expenses she incurred.

After consideration of all information provided, the Board for Correction recommends that Xxxxxxx request be approved reimbursing her for the travel expenses she incurred. The Board members were aware that the applicant may have traveled by automobile with another student (xxxxxxxxx) who attended the same orientation session. If so, the reimbursement to this applicant should divide the expenses incurred jointly by these two students.

It is certified that the foregoing recommendation is a true and complete statement of the action taken by the Board for Correction, and that this action has been reviewed by the Board members. Further, it is certified that all applicable statutes, regulations and policies were considered by the Board in arriving at its recommendation. Finally, it is certified that a quorum was present at the Board's meeting on xxxxx 1984 when Xxxxxxx request was considered.

The foregoing deliberations of the Board for Correction are submitted for your review and approval.

Ellen Wormser


Reviewed and Approved:

Wilford J. Forbush
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Operations and Director, Office of Management

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