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COR File Requirement


The Contracting Officer (CO) maintains the “official” contract file; however, the COR is responsible for establishing and maintaining an organized contract administration file to record Contractor and Program actions pertaining to the contract. An organized file facilitates an easy transition from one COR to another if reassignment becomes necessary. Separating document into folders/tabs may be helpful in organizing the contents in an easy understandable manner. Below is an example of a filing system with suggested folders/tabs and related documents:


PART 1 – Pre-Award Documentation                               

  • Complete Procurement Request Package
  • Solicitation including amendments
  • Copy of the successful offeror’s winning proposal
  • Copy of the COR’s HHS FAC-COR Certification
  • List of alternative COR and/or Technical Monitors

PART 2 – Award Documentation

  • Copy of the COR’s HHS FAC-COR Appointment Memorandum
  • Copy of contract, delivery/task orders and all modifications to them

PART 3 – Reports/Deliverables

  • Copies of all progress reports submitted by the Contractor
  • Interim and final technical reports or other deliverables
  • Inspection and acceptance records and documentation of acceptability/unacceptability of deliverables

PART 4 – Invoices and other Financial Information

  • Copies of all invoices/vouchers and a payment record or invoice log indicating the balance of funds remaining

PART 5 – Closeout - Contract closeout documents as applicable to include but not limited to:

  • Contract completion letter
  • Final invoice
  • Final contractor performance assessment (CPARS)
  • Final funding allocation and closeout documents for PRISM, iProcurement, and UFMS

PART 6 - Miscellaneous

  • Copies of all correspondence and synopses of all telephone calls between the COR and the contractor as well as between the COR and the CO/CS concerning performance of the contract
  • Documentation of on-site visit results (applies when performance is performed at other than the Government’s facility).
  • COR’s interim assessment of contract  performance (entered into the Contract Performance Assessment Reporting System, CPARS) as required by the contract
  • Any other pertinent materials or information relating to actions taken in accordance with the COR Appointment Memorandum

Note: Documents that may contain Contractor proprietary information data or other source sensitive information should not be released outside the Government without prior approval of the Contracting Officer.  Upon completion of the contract, please contact your organization’s Records Management Official for disposition of the COR File.