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Division of Financial Operations


The Division of Financial Operations (DFO) provides a full range of financial accounting services that meet strict Federal financial management requirements and applicable Federal accounting and transaction standards. DFO uses the Unified Financial Management System (UFMS), an online, real-time application that accepts both manual and electronic input. UFMS enables customers to perform accounting edits and validations, and supports the HHS Consolidated Acquisition Solution, utilizing general and subsidiary ledgers. The Division also manages the PSC Debt Collection Center, provides Department-wide payroll accounting services for HHS civilian employees and Commissioned Corps Officers, and supports the billing and collection functions for PSC Service Managers.

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Customer Service

The Division of Financial Operations is committed to the highest quality of support to PSC customers and provides a broad range of services including UFMS/iProcurement, GovNet-NG and MACCS Help Desk support, financial issues analysis, financial systems training, customer communications and outreach.

For additional information regarding DFO Services
contact: John Davis (301) 443-5712, email:, or

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General Accounting

The General Accounting Branch (GAB) consists of three distinct operational areas that handle accounts payable for commercial/private sector payments, accounting for travel payments, and grant accounting for the PSC and customer agencies. GAB uses the Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) as the fiscal tool to ensure accounting accuracy when authorizing proper payments against available funding, tracking payment status, reconciling transactions, overall reporting requirements, and various cash management controls.

For information regarding the General Accounting Branch,
contact: Bradley Lindgren (301) 443-3515, email:

The Commercial Payments Section performs a broad variety of Accounts Payable activities within the accounting system for appropriate reimbursements to individuals and commercial vendors as well as administrative functions related to: standard invoicing; credit card purchases; contracts; utilities; settlements; financial activities surrounding special programs; and strict adherence with all aspects of cash management controls.

For information regarding the Commercial Payments Section,
contact: Trang Dinh (301) 443-8107, email:

The Travel Accounting Section ensures that appropriate travel related transactions are reflected in the accounting system. This section ensures: travel reimbursements are ultimately paid to the correct recipient; performance of pre and post payment audits; reconciliation and payment on the Centrally Billed Account; and processing/resolving travel related posting issues in the accounting system.

For information regarding the Travel Accounting Section,
contact: Cathy Anzulis (301) 443-0045, email:

Grant Accounting provides critical services that ensure funding for grant awards and letter of credit (LOC) obligations are successfully posted in the accounting system. This is done in accordance with acceptable accounting guidelines that adhere to Treasury regulations and practices. Ultimately, Grant Accounting is responsible for reconciliations supporting that grant award information in the accounting system and Payment Management System (obligations, expenditures, and advances) agree.

For information regarding Grant Accounting,
contact: Cathy Anzulis (301) 443-0045, email:

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Governmental Accounting

The Governmental Accounting Branch handles Intergovernmental Fund Transactions, Revolving Fund Accounts and Obligation/Funds Control for the Program Support Center and customer agencies.

For information regarding the Governmental Accounting Branch,
contact: Karen Brown (301) 443-3084, email:

The Accounts Payable Section is responsible for all intergovernmental disbursements and recordation of the transactions in UFMS. The section reviews invoices and schedules payments to intergovernmental suppliers as well as clears any accounting errors that result from payment processing.

For information regarding Accounts Payable,
contact: Arlette Peoples (301) 443-4023, email:

The Accounts Receivable Section is responsible for all intergovernmental accounts receivable and recordation of the transactions in UFMS. Accounts Receivable responsibility is to invoice and collect money which customers owe to the PSC and the PSC Serviced Operating Divisions. Collections are the key functions that enable the PSC to produce revenue, generate cash flow and maintain operations.

For information regarding Accounts Receivable,
contact: Sara Canova (301) 443-9559, email:

Funds Control is responsible for obligating manual purchase orders received from the PSC Serviced Operating Divisions and processing IProcurement unsync documents from PRISM. Funds Control is also responsible for analyzing and correcting obligation issues encountered in UFMS as well as assisting OPDIVs with any obligation questions or issues they encounter.

For information regarding Funds Control,
contact: Karen Brown (301) 443-3084 email:

PSC PRICES Billing Office manages and maintains the PSC’s Revenue Invoicing Cost Estimation System (PRICES). PRICES is the primary system used by the PSC & OS Service and Supply Fund activities to record customer agreement terms, prepare & deliver customer invoices and report on reimbursable activities.

For information regarding the PSC PRICES Billing Office,
contact: Karen Slater (301) 443-9207 email:, for access and training, please contact the PRICES Team at PRICES@PSC.HHS.GOV.

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Reports & Control

The Reports and Control Branch maintains and monitors activity in the UFMS General Ledger Module including CAN-BACS and vendor files. Reports and Control also serves as the document control point for all incoming mail correspondence and checks as well as the liaison with the Department of Treasury for Commercial Payments.

For information regarding the Reports & Control Branch
contact: John Thompson (301) 443-5942, email:

The General Ledger/Reconciliation Section - is responsible for the oversight of the General Ledger for the PSC Set of Books in the Unified Financial Management System (UFMS). This support covers the oversight of various budgetary resource transactions including Warrants, Interdepartmental Delegations of Authority (IDDA), Non-expenditure Transfers (SF-1151), Allotments and Allowances. The Section is also responsible for assisting in the monitoring of funds control issues as well as establishing UFMS tables including Appropriations, Funds and CAN-BACS.

For information regarding the General Ledger/Reconciliation Section
contact: John Schrum (301) 443-4309, email:

The Disbursing Services Section – is responsible for processing incoming documentation to the Division of Financial Operations. It also serves as a Payment Liaison with the Treasury Department for commercial payment transactions including verifying final payments and processing refunds and check returns.

For information regarding the Disbursing Services Section
contact: Randy Pollack (301) 443-5677, email:

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Systems Accounting

The Systems Accounting Branch maintains central automated accounting and finance systems that support operations for the Program Support Center, a number of HHS agencies, and hundreds of locations located throughout the country.

The Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) is the Department of Health and Human Service’s integrated department-wide financial management system which supports all of PSC’s financial operations and reporting. SAB supports the PSC UFMS set of books for PSC and customer agencies. This support largely consists of functional and technical support of change management and related activities such as: research and analysis, trouble shooting, developing system code, testing of system code, testing system upgrades and enhancements and deployment of code for system enhancements, updates and code fixes. SAB also executes month-end and year-end closing of UFMS working closely with other branches and module experts in PSC/FMS/DFO.

SAB supports the Managing Accounting Credit Card System (MACCS) ©. MACCS© allows federal authorized purchase card holders to manage and track all credit card purchases, create accounting obligation transactions at the time of cardholder entry or authorization, import credit card transactions received electronically from the credit card processing center, and reconcile those transactions with the cardholder's transactions. MACCS© handles disputes of credit card transactions, credit tracking and processing, and establishes disbursement accounting transactions from reconciled records authorized for payment, and can then forward them into UFMS for processing.

SAB supports the GovNet-NG® which provides access to data from UFMS, Core accounting system, Debt Management Collection System (DMCS), Payment Management System (PMS) and the Accounting for Pay System (AFPS). GovNet-NG® is a web-enabled system which addresses the need for a data and report repository that provides complete, accurate, and customized inquiries and reports. The GovNet-NG® report repository allows users to access previously downloaded reports and search, print, or download reports to their PC in a secure, real-time fashion. The benefits of GovNet-NG® are focused on eliminating the time and money consuming aspects of traditional financial report creation and distribution. The system provides read-only, inquiry functionality into the data marts.

For information regarding Systems Accounting
contact: Chet Levesque (301) 443-6611, email:, or Jeff Curfman (301) 443-4979, email:

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Debt Management/Debt Collection

The Debt Management Branch is a Treasury-designated Debt Collection Center providing Debt Management, Collection, Litigation Support and/or Treasury Referral Services for all Operating Divisions within the Department of Health and Human Services. The services offered by the Debt Management Branch include:

  • Accounting support
  • Administrative wage garnishment
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Custom letters, account statements and billing statements
  • Debt servicing and collection
  • Deposit services (Paperless Check Conversion, Credit Card, ACH,, Wire Transfer)
  • Lockbox facilities
  • Referrals:

    • Delinquent accounts to commercial debt collection agencies
    • Debt to the Department of Justice for litigation and enforced collection
    • Debts to the Department of Treasury Offset Program for administrative offset
    • Debts to the Department of Treasury for cross-servicing
    • Debts to the OIG Medicare and Medicaid participation exclusion
  • Reporting – Regulatory and ad hoc
  • Internal Revenue Service 1099C and 1098E reporting

For information regarding the Debt Collection Center,
contact: Elvis Davis (301) 443-9560, email:

For information regarding Debt Management Customer Service, Operations and Oversight,
contact: Elvis Davis (301) 443-9560, email:

For information regarding Litigation, Exclusion and Referral Services,
contact: Barry Blum (301) 443-9364, email:

For information regarding New Account Referrals and Debt Servicing,
contact: William Darracott on (301) 443-9238, email:

For information regarding Debt Management Reporting, Accounting Treatment, Treasury Offset Program and Treasury Cross Servicing contact: Terry Shiflett-Moats on (301) 443-3083, email:

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Payroll Accounting

The Payroll Accounting Service maintains the Accounting for Pay System (AFPS) interface, which provides a complete payroll accounting solution. AFPS gives customers online capability to manage payroll costs at the Common Accounting Number (CAN) level and the ability to change the distribution of costs as necessary.

Services offered include:

  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Systematic interface for payroll accounting information needed to account for disbursements, obligations, and accruals for personnel costs
  • Collection and disbursement of payroll items such as income taxes and unemployment benefits
  • Reporting of payroll items to Treasury, states, Internal Revenue Service, and Department of Labor
  • Preparation of SF-224, the monthly Statement of Transaction, and a variety of payroll and annual Departmental pension reports

For information regarding Payroll Accounting Service
contact: Michael Toomer (301) 492-4898, email:

For information regarding the Accounting For Pay System (AFPS)
contact: Bruce Southerland (301) 443-6248, email:

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