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Welcome to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Travel Training for Travelers and Preparers. During this course you will learn about the role of the Traveler and Preparer, the policies that govern travel for the federal government and HHS, and the use of the E-Gov Travel Service, Concur Government Edition (CGE.) This course is presented by PSC Transportation Services.

Per the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) 301-50.3 and the HHS Travel Policy Manual section 3.4.1, the use of the E-Gov Travel Service for managing travel arrangements and expenses is mandatory. CGE offers many benefits for managing travel including an intuitive, user-friendly platform, streamlined workflow of documents, and enhanced enforcement of travel policy.

CGE provides a unified platform for all parties involved in the travel process, including Travelers, Preparers, Certifiers, Approvers, and Federal Agency Travel Administrators (FATAs). To learn about these roles, select Next.