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First, we need to book James’ flight. He will need a round trip flight from Atlanta to Madrid, so leave round trip selected.

Select Next to continue.


On the Travel Home tab, there is a section called Travel Authorizations with two options: The first option is New Authorization from Travel. The second option is Add Travel to an Existing Authorization. The first option is selected by default.

There are options to search for Air/Rail, Car, Hotel, Taxi, Rail, and Flight Status. The option to search for Air/Rail is selected by default.

In the Air/Rail search box, there are options to search for Round Trip, One way, and Multi-segment. The Round Trip option is selected by default.

The Air/Rail search contains search fields for: Temporary duty location by agency location or reference point, TDY Per Diem location, Departure City, Arrival City, and Departure and Return dates.

There are check boxes for pick-up/drop-off car at airport and Find a Hotel. Both of these boxes are unselected by default.