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Alex Robinson has just submitted his Authorization in CGE. It is pending Anne’s approval.

When a document is ready for review, CGE automatically sends the Certifier and then the Approver an email like this one, configurable to their own OpDiv/StaffDiv specifications.

To get started, we first need to log in to CGE. Select Next to go to CGE.


The approver email is dated July 9th, 2014. It states:

This letter was generated to inform you that the CGE Auth named TRIP0000HB for Alex Robinson with the authorization number of TANUM0000NF was just stamped SIGNED by Robinson, Alex and is awaiting your attention. 

Please note that if you are listed as an alternate approving official and the document has already been stamped by someone else it will no longer be awaiting your approval. 

Document Name: TRIP0000HB
TA Number: TANUM0000NF
Trip Info: Departing: 08/10/14 Returning: 08/13/14
Total Cost: 1,313.66