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  1. Accounting

    PSC offers a range of accounting services to the federal government that meet strict Federal financial management requirements, applicable federal accounting, and transaction standards.

  2. Debt Collection

    PSC operates more than 40 different collection programs to the entire federal government, such as student loans, scholarships, loan repayments, administrative wage garnishment, credit bureau reporting, credit card processing, lockbox deposits and more.

  3. Financial Reporting

    PSC produces a full range of financial reports using data and reports generated from financial management and other related systems.

  4. Grants Management

    PSC provides grant and grant-like payments, cash management, FFR SF-425, and grant accounting support services to agencies processing civilian grant payments made by the federal government.

  5. Indirect Cost Negotiations

    PSC provides negotiation services for indirect cost rates and cost allocation plans, as well as training and technical assistance for agencies awarding federal grants.